Preparing for Baby: 5 Things to do for YOU before your Baby Arrives

Many first time moms are anxious about welcoming a new baby.  Not only will you have to learn the new skill of parenting, your life will turn upside-down for awhile as you acclimate to your new family member.  Moms who want to feel more in control want to do everything they can to prepare themselves and their home before giving birth.  Today we’re preparing for baby and reminding you of five things to do for YOU before your baby arrives.

preparing for baby

Make Frozen Dinners and Stock the Pantry

Cooking and grocery shopping are two hard tasks to accomplish with a newborn.  Luckily you can plan ahead to ensure you have meals and snacks available.  If you feel particularly ambitious or are having extreme nesting instincts, you may want to devote a day to cooking meals that you can freeze for a later date.  Easy one-pan meals are best for freezing, such as lasagna, burger patties or stir frys.  Then you can simply defrost and reheat to have a home-cooked meal at a time when cooking is the furthest thing from your mind.  Also, stock the pantry with non-perishable foods that you and your family enjoy.  Try to avoid too many processed, sugary snacks and spring for healthier choices.  You’ll want to ensure you’re eating a wholesome diet to support breastfeeding when your baby arrives.

Visit all of your Doctors

After all of your prenatal doctor’s visits you may dread putting yet another doctor’s appointment on your calendar.  But before your baby arrives is a great time to see your dentist, optometrist, dermatologist and any other doctors you would need to see within the next six months.  Just getting out of the house with a new baby can be difficult.  Add time spent in waiting rooms and needing to focus on your doctor’s advice and you’ll realize that bringing your baby is not the best plan.

Get Thank You Cards

You’ll probably be staying in with your baby for the first few weeks after your bundle of joy comes home so you’ll want to use that time to be productive in your home.  Stock up on thank you cards so you can write your thank you notes when your babe is sleeping.  Fortunately, thank you notes can be written from the comfort of your bed so even as you’re recovering from childbirth you can check them off your list.

Watch One Last Movie

If you’re a movie buff, take in that last blockbuster you’ve wanted to see.  When your baby arrives, having time to go to a movie probably won’t happen for awhile.  Even watching a movie at home can be difficult between breastfeeding and your own ability to stay awake long enough to enjoy the show.

Pamper Yourself

As you will soon discover, motherhood can be a selfless experience. Take the time to pamper yourself before your baby arrives.  Get your last haircut, massage, mani/pedi, eyebrow wax, facial and any other beauty treatments that will make you feel gorgeous and relaxed.  These luxuries may be on hold for quite some time once you become a new mom.

Preparing for baby is comforting and stress-reducing for many expectant moms.  We hope you take advantage of these five things to do before your baby arrives.

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