Quick Fix to Avoid Showing Bra Straps

Create a Racerback BraNo-show bra straps

For women with curvier figures, wearing a bra is generally a must – and good, supportive
straps are also part of the equation. Although we love summer tops and dresses, we know
it’s hard to avoid showing bra straps. Like one of our recent blog posts – most standard
racerback tops can be combined with a comfortable racerback bra (see Leading Lady’s
Seamless Racer Back Underwire Full Figure Bra (
$30.60)), but sometimes, even with
racerback bras, the straps are too close in the front or the fabric pulls too high on your

When my fave’ racerback doesn’t quite cut it, my next go-to to avoid having your straps
showing are the small plastic o-rings that you can use to hook together your standard bra
straps in the back to mimic a racerback shape. I have only tried the Strap Perfect brand, but there are also several other variations that will work just the same. They range in price between $4 and $10. With Strap Perfect, you can still wear your favorite Leading Lady bra and make it work with your summer top.

To make sure you get the ring attached without any complications, make sure to loosen your straps – almost to the largest length (you will need the extra length once you pinch the straps together). I find it difficult to attach on my own so you may want to solicit help from a friend or spouse to make sure the straps aren’t twisted and the ring is placed just right so your straps are fully covered. I actually discovered that once the ring is in place my old bra gets a sudden face-lift and provides even more support than in its original form. You wont need to worry about your straps falling off your shoulders and you get a little extra lift!

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