Raincoats and Rain Gear You Need for April

April showers are upon us so all you fashionable gals surely need trendy raincoats and rain gear to “weather” the month.  We’ve got just the stuff to turn that rainy frown into a trendy smile with these fashion tips for raincoats and rain gear.


Staying dry is goal #1 on a rainy day so first make sure you are dressed for success in the right materials.  Waxed or rubberized waterproof fabrics are definitely the way to go to stay dry in the rain.  Be sure your raincoat has quality stitching that won’t let water seep rain gear__1458741206_162.206.228.38through at the edges.  Lighter, ventilated coats will help keep you comfortable if the temperature is warm during rain showers.  Raincoats with adjustable hoods and a small bill are ideal to keep your do done and your makeup looking impeccable.

Our favorite styles of raincoats are those that are on trend and versatile.  After all, how many raincoats do you really need?  Probably just one or two to compliment your wardrobe on a rainy day.  Here are some options that are on point this April:

Trench:  A waterproof trench is sleek, sexy and sophisticated.  Longer lengths keep more of our outfit dry and the buttons and belt will ensure a flattering fit to show off your silhouette.

Windbreaker:  A waterproof windbreaker is super versatile since it can be worn on windy or rainy days.  It’s also lightweight and easy to bring along on those days when rain may be in the forecast for the afternoon.

Poncho:  Simplicity is key when you’re in the rain.  Throwing a poncho over your head is about as simple as it gets.  Plus, it’s breezy and won’t trap in your body heat.

Clear:  Loving your outfit and don’t want to cover it up?  Try a transparent raincoat.  Your awesome outfit can still be seen by the world while you stay dry and protected from the elements.

Spring Prints:  Gloomy days call from some sunshiny attire.  Spring florals, fun prints, metallic designs or outrageous hues can brighten up any rainy day.  A fun raincoat will make you and everyone around you smile, despite the weather.

Other Rain Gear

On particularly stormy and gusty days this April, the weather may call for some additional rain gear including boots, hats and rain bags.  Here are some tips:

Rain Boots:  Sleek slickers are all the rage and can even be worn on non-rainy days.  Tall rain boots will keep your legs dry.  Most rain boots are made with wide openings to allow pants to fit inside.  Once your pant legs are in place, cinch up the strap to keep rain from pouring in your boots.  If your area gets a lot of rain, a neutral rain boot and a playful print are nice to have.  Some every day boots are also waterproof and make a good option for rainy locales.  If you get rain infrequently, just go for the playful slickers since you’ll be wearing it so sporadically.

Rain Hats:  Even if you’re not a hat person, a rain hat is a good idea, especially if your raincoat doesn’t have one attached.  Select a hat with a brim like a bucket hat.  Of course you’ll want it to be waterproof like your raincoat.  But don’t feel you have to be matchy-matchy with your coat and hat.  Mix it up and have fun with your rain hat.

Rain Bag:  Doing a lot of walking in the rain is going to get your bag drenched.  Depending on the fabric of your bag, it may just soak the entire contents or it could ruin your bag completely.  Avoid that inconvenience by getting an oversized rain bag.  You can put your purse or backpack inside your rain bag so you don’t have to transfer the contents.  Simply plop it in when you see the first droplets of rain and you’re good to go!

With these trendy raincoats and rain gear, you may not want the rain to go away!

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