Sexy Nursing Bras

Although your whole world changes after having a baby it’s important to maintain who you are as a person outside of motherhood. Nurturing your marriage falls into this category. As a nursing mom you’re probably wearing nursing bras and nursing tanks around the clock which is why we offer sexy nursing bras as part of our Leading Lady collection. Sexy nursing bras help moms feel great while still providing comfort, support and functionality to breastfeed.

sexy nursing brasBefore having a baby, you probably wore sexy bras on the regular. Whether you needed a personal confidence boost or wanted to impress your partner, you had your stash of special sexy bras to spice up your life and marriage. When you’re nursing you can still maintain that same excitement with Leading Lady’s sexy nursing bras. You and your partner will love our sensually soft fabrics, feminine silhouettes and luxurious lace designs.

Many women believe a comfortable bra cannot be sexy. At Leading Lady we know how to design for both. Not every bra in your intimates drawer has to be sexy, but you’ll definitely want a few on hand that give you the lift you need in every sense of the term.  This is even true when you’re nursing.

Our sexy nursing bras offer the same great comfort, support and fit you need and love plus they’re chic and sensual to turn up the heat when you’re ready. Our lace cup and lace trim nursing bras in both underwire and wirefree are classically sexy and give you that beautiful shape that you crave. Many new moms avoid lace because they believe it will be itchy against their sensitive breasts or on their baby’s delicate skin. At Leading Lady we know the importance of the texture of our fabrics. We use only the softest laces on our cups and bands to ensure your ultimate comfort. And our lace is durable during washes as we know that your sexy nursing bras need to last throughout your breastfeeding journey.

When you’re shopping for sexy nursing bras, keep a few things in mind: First, a sexy nursing bra doesn’t do you any good if it is too uncomfortable to wear all day or night. Don’t forsake comfort for style but do ensure you’re getting both. Also, nursing bras need some stretch and flexibility. A bra that is restrictive will not make for a pleasant nursing experience. Lastly, look for design features that make you feel great. Sexy nursing bras should suit your personal style and bring out the best in you.

Motherhood changes many things about you but it shouldn’t change the way you feel about yourself. Give yourself a confidence boost and keep your hubby intrigued with our collection of sexy nursing bras.

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