Shake up Your Shampoo Routine With These Healthy Hair Secrets

Shake-up-Your-Shampoo-Routine-With-These-Healthy-Hair-SecretsIf you’re like us, we used to think that shampooing your hair was as easy as lather, rinse, repeat. Not so! According to, women across the globe are making five big mistakes with their shampoo routine. Luckily enough, they’re easy to correct and will make your hair healthier and look better. Get ready to change up your shower routine with these simple shampoo corrections:


If you shampoo your hair every day

You are overdoing it! Your hair does not need to be washed every day. Most hair stylists suggest skipping a day (or even two, depending on your hair type) between washings to keep your scalp healthy. You should also switch between products every couple of weeks to ensure that you’re not creating build-up from chemicals in your shampoo. Try a dry shampoo product (sold in most drugstores) to help keep your roots fresh and grease-free between washings.

If you always start shampooing at the same spot on your head

It’s good to start the process at different points on your scalp, nape, or even the ends of your hair. Follow this tip if you notice frequent white flakes from your scalp.

If you shampoo before your hair is thoroughly wet

Take the time to drench your hair in water before shampooing, otherwise you’re not getting a proper lather. This is a time saver as well as a money saver—you won’t need to add on more shampoo if you’re evenly lathering your wet hair.

If you rinse your hair in hot water

Sure, hot water is a good way to chase away the morning chills, but it turns out that it’s not so beneficial for your hair and scalps’ health. Hot water dries out your scalp and skin, so make sure to take it down a notch before fully rinsing out your hair. It doesn’t have to be icy cold water, either—lukewarm temperatures will be just fine.

If you scalp feels sore after shampooing

Make sure that you’re massaging the shampoo into your hair, not clawing your scalp with your fingernails. You’re more likely to cause irritations and break off hair if you’re too rough while shampooing. Think of this time as a mini-scalp massage and work the shampoo gently into your hair.


Follow these tips above for gorgeous, clean tresses every wash!


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