Sleep Habits Moms Should Have

how-to-fall-asleep-fast-for-momsIf you’re a mom with a napping-age baby or child, we’re sure that your primary focus is set on getting your baby to fall asleep (and stay asleep). But what about your own sleep habits? Sure, all moms can relate to being tired, but getting enough sleep enables you to keep up with your kids during playtime. Even though we can’t add a few more hours to each day just for rest, we can pass along these sleep habit tips from the Center for Disease Control that will help you create a solid sleep schedule.

According to the CDC, getting enough sleep is an important factor for staying healthy in general. You’re less likely to develop a chronic disease or fall victim to endless bouts of the sniffles if you’re getting more than 6 hours of shut eye a night. Healthy mom, healthy baby, right? Set the example and keep your own health up so your kids are less likely to pick up that cold you’ve been fighting for weeks on end.

What’s your nighttime routine like after you’ve wrangled the kids into bed? Set a bedtime for yourself as well as your kids and try to stick to it. Your body will naturally feel sleepiness cues if you’re good about keeping a sleep schedule. To help get into a routine, avoid visually stimulating activities (like watching television, netflixing, or reading a magazine) and to stick good old-fashioned print books to help you drift off.

This may strike you as a silly question, but the CDC prompts you to ask yourself: is your bed comfortable? Is it a place you look forward to sleeping? It’s worth noting if you actually like climbing into bed or not because you might need to make adjustments to help you sleep more soundly. Make sure you have all of the blankets and pillows you need to feel comfy. Invest in thick shades if you need a darkened room to sleep in. Even a sleep machine might help lull you into slumber while drowning out street sounds that are potentially disturbing your sleep.

Don’t underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep! Sweet dreams, moms.


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