Spring Workout Motivation


Now that it’s springtime and summer is just around the corner, it’s time to invigorate your workouts including your fitness routine and your motivational strategies. This is a great opportunity to pull yourself out of a rut and shape up the new season with fun and exciting workout ideas. We’re here to give you spring workout motivation!

Take it Outside

Spring Workout MotivationThe weather welcomes new workout opportunities and a little sunshine may be all the spring workout motivation you need. When the spring weather permits, take your typical routine outdoors – jogging, yoga, and circuit training are even better when you can get your Vitamin D as a bonus. But also consider new fitness ideas such as team sports (think volleyball or soccer) or other heart-pumping activities like swimming, biking or hiking.

Flock Together

Grab a buddy or join a group to make fitness more fun and accountable. Grouping up can offer lots of motivation and it’s a great way to spend time with friends or make new ones. You can also get new fitness ideas from other exercise enthusiasts and instructors.

Set Goals

Having an overall goal such as toning up or lowering your blood pressure is great, but be sure to set smaller milestone goals along the way. This will help you feel accomplished by the intermediate results. One fantastic goal is completing a physical event such as a race or challenge. You can work towards this goal with smaller milestone fitness goals like endurance times and distances.

Reward Yourself

Working hard to achieve goals deserves periodic rewards. If weight loss is your goal, stay away from food rewards that will be counterproductive. Rewards like splurging on a fun activity, a spa treatment, or new workout equipment are ideal.

Dress the Part

Even if you’re not a champion athlete, gear up to look the part. You’ll feel motivated by your look and you’ll have the proper attire for success. Look for sweat-wicking and non-chaffing materials, stylish outfits and of course really supportive full figure sports bras.

Plan Your Workouts

Block off time to workout on your calendar and make it a priority to keep the date with yourself. Sometimes getting your workout in first thing in the morning is the best way to go. If that’s the case for you, set your alarm early enough to workout before your day really gets going.

We hope these ideas help your spring workout motivation. We believe in you!!

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