Springtime Full Figure Fashion: The Rules of Cardigans

Springtime Full Figure Fashion:  The Rules of Cardigans

Cardigans are part of most women’s wardrobe and are an essential element of most springtime uniforms.  As the mornings and evenings tend to be cooler and the midday sun is hot, layering is a great way to dress for the fickle weather.  But like most pieces in your wardrobe, different styles of cardigans work better on certain body shapes and when paired with the right outfits.  We’re breaking down the rules of cardigans for you to keep things light and breezy in your springtime full figure wardrobe.

There are four basic styles of cardigans:  fitted waist, oversized drape, crop and boyfriend.  Each may have a place in your wardrobe as long as you wear them in the most flattering ways for your body type.

Fitted Waist Cardigan:  This classic cardigan is great with blouses of a similar length, A-line dresses or high-waisted skirts.  Contrasting colors make a beautiful spring outfit.  Try matching your jewelry and shoes to the color of your cardigan for trendy and polished look.  Avoid shirts that hang well below the fitted cardigan as it may distort your body shape.  Also, make sure the cardigan does not hit at the center of your bottom, which may cut you off at an unflattering spot.

Oversized Drape Cardigan:  These comfy sweaters are super stylish for spring.  The longer style helps lengthen the body the draping adds interesting detail and texture.  Some oversized sweaters feature playful necklines and single buttons as well.  Because these cardigans tend to be bulky, pair them with a slim pant such as skinny jeans or leggings.  This look will also benefit from a bold shoe, perhaps a riding boot, galosh or thick heel.  Oversized sweaters work great in solids or classic prints.

Crop Cardigan:  This short and sweet piece is ideal for springtime.  Many crop cardigans have shorter sleeves and are lighter weight, which will keep you nice and cool on warm days.  Crop cardigans hit below the breast making them terrific with empire-waist dresses and pencil skirts.

Boyfriend Cardigan:  This relaxed fit sweater looks lovely with jeans, shorts and knee-length shorts.  Unless you are belting it, wear the boyfriend cardigan open to show off your figure.  Don’t wear boyfriends with pleated or bulky skirts as they will fall at an awkward place and add unnecessary poof, especially on the backside.  If your boyfriend cardigan has pockets, definitely use them during stylish poses!

To keep your springtime full figure wardrobe fresh and fashionable, try these cardigan tips:

  • Pair a fitted waist sweater with a collared shirt.  Fold the sleeves of your shirt over the cardigan to create a trendy three-quarter length ensemble.
  • Tie the ends of your cardigan together for a flirty twist.  This looks great with high-waisted skirts.
  • Wear a belt with your longer cardigans to accentuate your curves.  This creates definition and shape, even if your cardigan is not form-fitting.
  • Play around with the buttons.  While many women leave their cardigans completely open, just fastening a few buttons in the middle can be a sleek and slimming look.
  • Solid color cardigans are great staples in your springtime wardrobe, but buy a few fun ones too.  Adding some floral print, swanky patterns or playful textures will brighten your look.

Enjoy exploring new possibilities with cardigans this spring!

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