Summer Beauty Tips

summer beauty tipsSummer is in full swing and hopefully your summer glow is too.  With a little more skin exposure and lots of fun happenings, every glam gal could use a few summer beauty tips to keep her lookin’ her best.  Check out our top summer beauty tips here!


  • Everyone knows the #1 rule of summer is…wear your sunscreen!  For best protection select a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher and re-apply several times during the day.  Also, look for a non-comedogenic sunscreen that won’t clog your pores.
  • Most gals long for a nice tan in the summer months but don’t go about it the right way.  The safest option is a sunless tanning lotion or glow lotion that will give you a hint of a tan without the dangerous side-effects of free radicals.
  • Moisturize often to keep your skin supple and soft.  You can lock in some of the dampness from your refreshing shower by using a moisturizing body wash and then applying lotion immediately when you get out.  Buy moisturizers with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera that will help correct some of the damage done by sun exposure.
  • Exfoliate to help refresh your skin, but do it at night so new, tender skin cells are not irritated by the sun.  Be sure to exfoliate your chest too as this is an area sits high and gets a lot of sun exposure when you’re wearing scoop neck tops, sun dresses and bathing suits.  Start at your neck and gently exfoliate down to your breast to avoid premature aging of chest skin.
  • Invest in a signature hat this summer that will keep you looking hot while staying cool and shielding your face.  This protective fashion wear is multi-functional!
  • Shave your legs, armpits and bikini area the night before or several hours before visiting the beach or pool.  When salt, chlorine and UV rays get into freshly opened follicles, it can result in rashes, bumps and razor burn.
  • Eat antioxidants that will help combat the free radicals you’re getting form the sun.  Fresh fruits and veggies are chock full of antioxidants and are deliciously refreshing for light summer meals.


  • Try going bare-skinned during the summer.  This will not only show off your beautiful summer glow, but also help prevent blemishes caused by that make-up and sweat combo.
  • Even without a base, you can highlight areas like your cheeks with bronzer and blush.
  • Select a few light and breezy summer hues for your eyelids and lips that will enhance your summer look.  Make sure your lip-wear includes SPF to protect those pretty smackers!
  • Get funky with your nail colors.  Neon nails or shades of blue or green are outrageously awesome for summertime.


  • Your hair needs a bit of protection from the sun too. You can do this by wetting your hair before going outdoors.  When your strands are moisturized, they’ll absorb fewer chemicals from the sun and chlorine.
  • If ever there was a time to go natural with your hair, it’s summer.  Let those locks roam free on pool and beach days.  Getting your hair wet and letting it air dry is a great summertime look.  To pull your hair back, try an athletic headband.
  • Moisturize your hair with a nutrient-rich conditioner.  Leave in conditioners are great for highly damaged hair.  Also try UV protection hair spirtz to repair and strengthen your strands.
  • Experiment with up-dos.  Keep your hair off your neck and out of your eyes with a swanky up-do.  Check out the newest clips and pins to assist with your new summer look next time you’re at the drugstore.

Have a fabulous summer with these summer beauty tips!

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