The Best Belts for Your Body Type

Much like a fabulous full figure bra supports, smoothes and complements your wardrobe, so too can great belts.  In fact, belts can reshape, re-imagine and re-direct almost any outfit.  The key is knowing which belts are right for your body type and following belt trends that will keep you looking amazing and fashionable at the same time.

Today we’re breaking down the best belts for your body type and sharing some of this winter’s hottest belt trends:

The Best Belts for Your Body TypeHourglass:  Belts can help you define your sensual feminine silhouette by drawing in your waist and letting your curves speak for themselves.  Wear your belt at the thinnest part of your waist and make sure it has some fun details such as an interesting buckle, bright jewels or a cool pattern.  Also, a dark belt on a lighter colored outfit will pop, such as a black belt on a white jumpsuit or a navy belt on a red dress.

Apple Shape:  Thick, bold belts in dark hues worn right beneath the bustline work best for an apple shape.  Forget your natural waistline and create more flattering look that will also show off your curves.  Be sure your top fits nicely without creating back bulge from your high-waisted belt.  Elastic materials work nicely for this body type.

Straight Shape:  If you lack curves, you’ll need to create the illusion of a waist. Belts, of course, are perfect for that.  Straight shaped women will probably want to belt clothes that other may not, including long dresses, cardigans and coats.  This cinches the waist creating a more feminine appearance.  Wrap dresses, sweaters or coats with built-in or matching tied belts can also be flattering.

Pear Shape:  You’ve got a slim waist so show it off, lady!  Belting almost every outfit can help accentuate that waist of yours.  Thin or medium belts will work best but go high fashion to really call attention to your tiny mid-section.  A belt on a pear-shape woman can also help clothes drape nicely over your bottom for a smooth, sexy look.

Petite:  If you’re on the shorter side, elongate your torso by wearing a belt low on your hips.  But don’t over power your small stature with a huge belt.  Keep it thin and simple so your belt complements instead of conquers.

Belts may have been designed for function, but they have evolved into high fashion statements.  Fashion belts can be appropriate for any body type if worn in the right way and for the right occasion.  Braided belts are popular for casual attire in both solids and multi-colored varieties.  Side-tie belts or structured belts that tie and dangle are on-trend.  Depending on how they are worn, this can create a soft, feminine look, or a more formal, business-like look.  When going out for a special occasion, sparkle, bling and metallic accents are in order.  Spruce up your black dress with a statement belt or just create a more polished, chic look for an otherwise ordinary combo.

Belts are one of the simplest ways to reshape your silhouette and add pizzazz to an otherwise hum-ho outfit.  When you wear the best belts for your body type, you’ll be rockin’ your most stylish, flattering look.

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