The Best Nursing Bras

A New Year is a time for fresh starts and thinking forward to what can make your life better.  Striving for our best is something that motivates each of us. At Leading Lady we are dedicated to offering you the best in your maternity and nursing attire. As we’re all contemplating how to be our best selves, we want to take the time to talk about the best nursing bras. Knowing the nursing bra features that will make you feel your best and breastfeed with ease will help you make the best choices when you’re ready to purchase bras.

The Best Nursing Bras

The best nursing bras are going to excel in four important categories: Fit, Comfort, Support and Style. When you’re shopping for nursing bras, assess each one under consideration using these four criteria:

Fit: Just like the rest of your wardrobe, fit is the key to how well the garment will look and feel. Bras are particularly important to fit properly because you cannot achieve the other essential categories for the best nursing bras if you don’t find the proper fit. Every woman’s body is different but finding your fit may not be as difficult as you think. Using our fit calculator, you can easily plug in your measurements to determine your size. A well-fit bra should allow your breasts to sit upright on your chest. Your breasts should not spill over the top, bottom or sides and there should not be any gaping spaces in the cup. The straps, band and cup should not dig into your skin. You should be able to move comfortably while still feeling supported in your nursing bras. If you’ve achieve these goals, you’ve found your fit!

Comfort: As women we know that even if a bra fits and looks good, if it is uncomfortable, we’re just not going to wear it. Therefore, the best nursing bras are going to feel comfortable. This begins with soft, breathable, stretchy fabrics that will feel silky smooth on your skin and keep up with your changing shape during pregnancy and nursing. Straps should stay in place without slipping and the band should clasp easily and comfortably in front or back. The best nursing bras will also be simple for breastfeeding with either drop down cups or slide over cups. This comfort feature is invaluable when your baby is ready to eat.

Support: Now more than ever you need supportive bras. Unlike any other time in your life, your breasts may fluctuate in size hourly based on milk production and your baby’s breastfeeding needs. Your breasts will likely be larger and heavier than normal so supportive bras make the best nursing bras. Support features include stretchy material that will expand with the ebb and flow of your milk and move with your body. Adjustable straps and bands allow you to change the fit of your nursing bra to accommodate your size fluctuations throughout the day or at different stages of breastfeeding. Also, cups should encapsulate your breasts and keep them lifted and supported for all day and all night comfort. You will probably want to wear a nursing bra or nursing tank top around the clock to ensure ultimate support.

Style: When it comes to the best nursing bras, style has two meanings. First, you need styles that match your lifestyle needs. If you’re active and working hard to stay fit after having a baby, our sports nursing bras are a great choice. If you’re returning to work and need to keep your silhouette looking sharp, molded padded nursing bras are in order. For cuddly days at home and overnight support, go with sleep and leisure bras. When you’re out and about running errands and showing your baby the world, feel awesome in everyday t-shirt nursing bras. Our styles match your life but do be sure to wear the right nursing bras for whatever you’re up to that day.

The second sense of the world style is our fashionable designs. From sleek seamless looks, to luxurious lace, to fun prints and patterns, we’ll keep you cute and sassy in your nursing bras. After all, moms like you want to feel great about the way you look while nourishing your baby in the best possible way.

This year, 2017, is all about the best for you and your baby. Familiarize yourself with these features of the best nursing bras and find your best fit, comfort, support and style this year.

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