The Best Way to Wash Bras

Think about it:  You probably wear your intimates more than any other items in your wardrobe.  Bras and panties are your every day essentials, the baseline for your daily ensemble.  Knowing the best way to wash bras and care for them is important to their longevity.

If you want your bras to remain supportive, beautiful and ultimately last longer, follow these guidelines:

Hand Washing Bras is Essential

Embroidered Underwire Full Figure BraYou may not realize it, but bras are constructed with many different pieces.  Leading Lady full figure bras contain as many as 30 different pieces that come together to make the comfortable and supportive bras you know and love.  They are quite the work of art!  The best way to wash bras is to use detergent or a cleaning product meant for delicate fabrics.  Never use bleach.  Washing machines can cause parts of the fabric to shrink or disengage which will affect the fit of your bra and permanently damage them.

When Washing Bras, Fasten Them

Be sure to clasp the bra closed before washing to ensure the hooks don’t catch on any part of the fabric.  This is particularly a concern with lace bras that are extremely delicate.

Washing Bras in Like Colors Preserves Your Color Selection

Even when hand washing bras, you should wash lights separately from darks. Especially during the first few washes, colors are likely to fade, making your pure white bras not so crisp any longer.

After Washing Bras, Air Dry Them

Hang bras to dry.  Dryers produce extreme heat which can shrink and mangle bras.  While you may not want to display your intimate on a clothes line in your back yard, you can hang them on hooks in your laundry room or closet until they are completely dry.

Rotate and Replace Bras

Rotate wearing your bras to increase their lifespan.  The more you wear and wash a bra, the more it will stretch.  Be sure to have at least three bras that you frequently rotate.  Most women have up to nine!  Also, be sure to replace bras that are no longer supportive.  Properly fitting bras that offer comfort and support are important to your breast health, improve your outfits and will make you feel good all day – and night – long!

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