The Edible Bowl: A Delicious Way to Serve Food

The Edible Bowl: A Delicious Way to Serve Food

As we head into fall, it’s time to refresh your party planning ideas.  One of the most fun ways to serve easy-to-eat foods at a party is in an edible bowl.  You’re not only adding to the flavor of your dish, you are also saving dish washing and disposables.  It’s a win-win!

Edible bowls can range from down-and-dirty simple serving, to elegant meal preparations, and they’re always fun.  Whether you are feeding football fans, kids, or your fanciest guests, try these edible bowl varieties at your next gathering:

Fun with Fruit:  Many fruits can be hollowed to make a beautiful bowl for serving, well, fruit.  Watermelon is one of the most classic fruit bowls where you can serve a large fruit salad.  Watermelon rinds can be carved into neat shapes including interesting ridged edges, sharks, bunnies, and for the very creative, a basket.  Apples, kiwis and oranges can be hollowed for individual fruit or ice cream bowls, and pineapples make a creative way to serve sweet-and-sour Asian-inspired dishes.

Veggie Delight:  Bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbages and cucumbers can all be scooped out to make a unique edible bowl.  These are all snazzy bowls for serving dips or salsa, or try tuna, chicken or egg salads in cucumber cups or tomato bowls.  The bonus, your guests can get some added nutrients by eating the bowl too.

Eggtastic:  Hard boiled eggs form a natural cup when you remove the yolk and, when sliced length-wise, each one yields two edible bowls.  Deviled eggs are traditionally served in hard bowled egg whites, but you can also try cold meat salads, bean salads, or whole grain salads like quinoa or tabouleh.  Hard boiled egg whites are easy to grab and pack in a lot of protein.

Meaty Bowls:  Who would have thought that you can use meat to create a savory bowl to serve food?  Use a muffin tin to shape meats such as thinly sliced salami or bacon strips, and then bake them to solidify the shape.  Bacon can even be braided into a small, yummy bowl.  Salami bowls are ideal for antipasti and bacon bowls are scrumptious with eggs, mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes or low carb sliders.

Mellow Marshmallow Cereal & Popcorn:  Similar to cereal squares such as rice cereal treats, mold your blend of marshmallows, butter, cereal, popcorn (or both) into a bowl shape and use it to serve sweet delights.  For a pop of color, work brightly colored candies into the mixture.

Edible Breadable Bowl:  The classic edible bowl, bread bowls are awesome for warm soups and dips.  As you eat and empty your bowl, break off some moist bread to complete your meal.

Chocaholic:  Deliciously sensual chocolate is an excellent bowl making food.  Once melted, it can be set into a variety of shapes including large or individual serving bowls.  These are perfect for serving small pastries, cookies and ice cream.

Crispy Chipsy:  Pita bowls, Parmesan bowls and filo dough cups are easy to bake or you can find store-bought versions too.  These may even make salads and other veggies more appealing to kids.

Feeling Parched:  Parchment fruit and vegetable bowls are fabulous for the more advanced party hosts.  Thinly slice and dehydrate desired produce and then mold it over a bowl covered in wax paper.  Let it dry and wha-la, you have a beautiful bowl for your next entertainment gig.

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