The Ultimate Full Figure Sports Bra

When you have large breasts, having the right coverage and support during exercise is crucial.  And we know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a great full figure sports bra.  Well, look no further, ladies.  Leading Lady is proud to offer the Ultimate Full Figure Sports Bra that features everything you need for your active lifestyle.

We believe that all bras should be comfortable and supportive.  Sports bras are certainly no exception.  In fact, sports bras should offer extreme support plus several other important features.  Leading Lady’s full figure sports bra is the solution to the plus size woman’s sports bra dilemma.

The Ultimate Full Figure Sports BraOur full figure sports bra allows you maximum mobility during exercise without the pain and discomfort of bounce.  With just the right amount of compression and a double layered cup, this bra keeps your breasts lifted and firmly in place.  The side seam and high-cut design are ideal for full figure women whose breasts tend to slip out of the sides or spill over the top of their bras.  That’s never attractive or comfortable, but even worse when trying to focus on exercise.

At Leading Lady, we know that one size does not fit all.  And one size may not even fit the same woman every day.  That’s why our full figure sports bra offers options.  The adjustable plush straps help you find daily comfort and you can decide between a traditional or racer back style.  The leotard back design ensures the straps stay in place so you won’t be worried about slippage during your workout.

Your sports bra should help you achieve your best in whatever exercise you choose.  And you’ll probably work up a sweat doing it.  Our full figure sports bra is made of breathable lightweight fabric and a sweat-wicking band to keep you cool during workouts.  It also helps relieve skin irritations caused by chaffing or pooling of excess sweat.

Looking good during your workout is important too.  The sleek design is made for the modern women, whether you’re hitting the gym, enjoying the great outdoors or doing your own hard core boot camp.  Our full figure sports bra comes in three color combinations to meet your personal style:  black with blue piping, pink with black piping or all white.  We’re pretty sure you’ll want to get all three to match all of your fitness outfits.

There you have it: our full figure sports bra is the ultimate in everything you need to look great and feel great while you exercise.  We hope you enjoy your workouts even more with this fantastic new addition to the Leading Lady collection.

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