Things to do on Christmas Eve

Kids reading a book on Christmas eve at fireplaceWith all the anticipation of Christmas, sometimes Christmas Eve gets a bum rap.  But Christmas Eve can be an exciting day filled with lots of fun family activities.  Whether you’re spending time with extended family or just your immediates, make the most of the day before Christmas with these ideas of things to do on Christmas Eve:’

Bake Cookies:  Baking is an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy.  Kids of all ages love participating in pour, stirring and decorating scrumptious cookies.  Make a few batches to accommodate everyone’s favorite flavors and have plenty of neat cut cutters and cookie decorating supplies on hand.  If you have enough extras, take some to neighbors or local police or fire stations to share with those who have to work on Christmas.

Drive around to see Christmas Lights:  What’s better than decking your house in holiday lights?  Seeing someone else’s beamingly bright house!  Some neighborhoods are known for their beautiful Christmas lights.  Do your research and take a car trip to visit some of the brighter neighborhoods in your area.

Sing Christmas Carols:  Christmas carols – or any songs for that matter – really gets everyone in the holiday spirit.  Singing as a family creates unity and is good for the soul.  You can do it from the comfort of your living room or go door-to-door in your neighborhood singing for other nearby families.  It may seem like an old tradition but it’s one that that still warms hearts of every generation.

Give one Homemade Gift:  In the spirit of giving and sharing, take the commercialization out of Christmas for at least one day.  Challenge everyone in your household to make one gift for each family member.  Share your homemade gifts on Christmas Eve.  We bet they’ll be among your favorite presents of the entire holiday.

Watch a Christmas Movie:  With the many movie choices available these days, your kids may not have seen some Christmas classics.  Pick one that is age-appropriate for your crew and cuddle up for a viewing party.  Sharing Christmas movies that you love with your kids can be a wonderful tradition that brings you back to your own youth.

Play Family Games:  Break free of your regular playtime activities and take advantage of the whole family being home by playing games together.  Board games are always a good choice but if your kiddos aren’t able to follow them yet, try simpler games like Simon Says, Follow the Leader or Charades.  You can also make up your own games such as obstacle courses, repeating rhythms or tickle monster.

Eat Chinese Food or Waffle House:  Not many restaurants are open on Christmas Eve but Waffle House is and often Chinese eateries are.  Take a break from cooking and let someone else do the serving on Christmas Eve.  Besides, doesn’t a waffle w/smothered & covered potatoes or a bowl of egg drop soup sound great for Christmas Eve?

Cozy up by a Fire with S’mores and Hot Cocoa:  Whether you live in sunny Florida or chilly North Dakota, a fire is always appropriate on Christmas Eve.  Gather the family and enjoy some cozy time by the fire.  Complete the experience with s’mores and hot cocoa as a special holiday treat.

We wish you a very happy Christmas Eve!!


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