Valentine’s Crafts: Show Love through Creativity

Valentine’s Crafts: Show Love through CreativityYou don’t have to be a super crafty mom to help your kids show love through creativity. As Valentine’s Day nears, this is a terrific time to plan a few Valentine’s crafts for your kids to get their creative juices flowing and talk about holiday themes including love, friendship, caring and respect.

Check out our ideas for Valentine’s crafts:

Printed with Love

Have you ever noticed that two upside down handprints make a heart? Coincidence? We don’t think so! Dip your kids’ paws in paint and let their hands print the love.

Eternal Love

Flowers fade and food spoils but stones last for ever. Tell your kids the meaning of eternal love and create a symbol of it by painting and decorating stones for Valentine’s Day.

Picture Perfect

Nothing is more treasured than memories of precious moments. Work with your kids to make Valentine’s picture frames using craft sticks, puzzle pieces or any other art supplies you have. The picture and frame will be a prized gift for a loved one.

What Dreams are Made Of

A heart-shaped dream catcher is a fun Valentine’s craft. Simply bend some wire into a heart shape and then twist yarn around it. Alternatively, cut a heart frame from cardboard or a paper plate and punch holes around the edges. Your kids can work on their fine motor skills by weaving yarn in-and-out of the holes.

Let the Games Begin

Two fun Valentine’s crafts can be turned into games. Spending time together playing games as a family is what the holiday of love is all about.

First, build your own tic-tac-toe board with lattice work paper strips. Cut out two colors of hearts for the players or go with traditional “x’s” and “o’s”, this time meaning kisses and hugs!

Another fun Valentine’s game is cupid’s arrow. Decorate and number 5 paper plates and then make an arrow from a straw and construction paper. Throw the arrow towards the plates and add up your points.

Tree of Love

Cut out many small to medium sized hearts for your children and ask them to list things they love. Write their answers on the hearts as tree leaves. Paste the leaves on a drawn tree trunk for a lovely loving tree.

Sign of Love

Trace and cut out your child’s hand. Then fold down the middle and index finger to form the sign for love. Paste the hand on a heart for a sign of love that requires no words.

Royal Valentine

Make a crown for each member of your family using construction paper. Everyone can decorate their own as their heart desires. On this special holiday, everyone is royalty.

Paper Hug

Send a hug with this cute Valentine’s craft. Cut out a large heart and long arms. Let your kids bend the arms back-and-forth before pasting to the heart. These outstretched arms make a super crafty hug!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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