What are the essential breastfeeding items to put on my registry?

essential breastfeeding items to put on my registry

One of the beautiful things about breastfeeding is that it doesn’t require a lot of gadgetry.  Here are my recommendations for what you will need to start your breastfeeding journey:

1)  Three nursing bras:  One to wear, one to wash and one in the drawer.  There are a variety of styles to choose from including stretchy leisure bras great for pregnancy or your first weeks of nursing until your milk supply settles, and more structured t-shirt and lace cup bras.

2)  One or two nursing camis:  Camis offer great flexibility because they are a nice complement to sleep pants for the hospital, or to wear under a blouse for easy nursing access.

3)  A nursing pillow: This allows you to position your baby comfortably for feeding.  Most pillows accommodate for various breastfeeding positions and helps mom hold baby while nursing.

4)  A breastpump:  The type of breastpump you buy will depend on whether you are going back to work.  If you are going back to work, you may need a more powerful and durable pump because you will be using it more often.  I recommend that you do not open your breastpump until you are ready to use it.  Should you decide not to use it, you may be able to return it if the box is still sealed.

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