Why Men with Babies are Sexier

Man Kissing a Baby on the Forehead

Let’s face it, we’ve probably all had a moment when we looked at our husband (or someone else’s) and admired the way they dote on their baby.  And in that moment, that man seems a lot more attractive than he may have otherwise.  The notion that men with babies are sexier is not just a sweet little feeling that women, especially moms, get.  There is actually evolutionary evidence and psychological truths behind the theory, and it often helps women make better choices about men.

Many studies have been done on why men with babies are sexier to women.  The results are unanimous that women do admire men who like babies (and dogs too), for several key reasons that are important to the evolutionary survival of the human species.  These reasons include acting as a provider, taking responsibility and being healthy, three essential qualities that most women find attractive for their mate.

For millions of years, women have been attracted to men who are good providers and can take responsibility for her and their family.  It’s an evolutionary trait that is now hard-wired in most women of child-bearing age.  When a man has the physical and mental capacity to provide for a child and take on familial responsibilities, a woman knows her children will be safe and protected under his care.  So the next time your sexy dad radar perks up when you watch your husband make googly eyes at your baby, you can remember that it’s your female instinct telling you that you picked a good guy.

Also, men with babies and dogs tend to be more physically and emotionally fit due to the demands of the job.  Babies require a lot of legwork, lifting and chasing around, especially as an infant grows into toddlerhood.  That’s a good extra workout for all parents.  Also, babies need lots of cuddles, love and affection, which has a positive effect on dads as well.  The act of hugging and being close to another person releases endorphins and other happiness hormones that increase joy and make a person feel good.  Additionally, physical and emotional health speak to a man’s good genes, qualities that are attractive to women as they consider a mate.

In fact, one study indicated that women can tell from simply looking at a man’s photograph whether he is good with babies.  Even when men were instructed to make neutral expressions, women more accurately identified men who like babies.  And, in most cultures, women also did not correlate a lack of masculinity with an affinity towards babies.  Research also affirms that a masculine appearance and demeanor, often determined by testosterone levels, is not related to a man’s love of children.

While women stare affectionately at men with babies, some moms find it a social impediment to their own hard efforts as a parent.  Dads providing the same care for their children as mothers are often regarded as “good dads” and seen as sexy, when moms are more often overlooked or criticized for their parenting.  This is probably because women are seen as people who should know how and want to take care of their children effectively, whereas it is extra special when a man can do the same.  As dads take on more child care responsibilities, many moms feel the public perception should change – that dads performing everyday parenting tasks should not be given any extra praise than a mom in the same position.

Regardless of whether it should happen or not, women do tend to find men with babies sexier.  Blame it on evolution, instinct or a woman’s intuition.  And with all good parenting from moms or dads, appreciate that a parent wants to spend quality time with his baby.  That’s what really matters.

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