Why Working Out in the Morning is Better (especially during Spring)

You may not be a morning person but your metabolism is.  Studies have shown that working out in the morning is better for the body and mind on many levels.  Setting your alarm earlier than usual may not be your idea of an energy-boosting way to start your day but it is absolutely the best time of day to do some heart-pounding, muscle-building exercises.  Today we’re discussing why working out in the morning is better and how to get into the habit.

Why Working Out in the Morning is Better (especially during Spring)Working out in the morning has a ton of great advantages.  From elevated weight loss and energy, to a sense of pride, accomplishment and a healthier daily outlook, shifting your workout to the morning may be the springtime change your body needs.  Cool spring mornings offer an excellent opportunity to get outdoors for jogging, cycling or boot camp.  Now that we’ve “sprung forward” you may even get to experience the sunrise, which can be an uplifting moment unto itself.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight management or just maintaining a strong and healthy body, morning workouts can keep you on a path to success.  Your metabolism is somewhat like a wind-up toy.  The more you wind it, the faster it will work churning food for sustained energy and burning through stored fat.  Studies show that working out before breakfast can help you lose up to 20% more weight and can combat weight gain from a high fat diet.  Once the metabolism gets started for the day, it will continue to work hard for you, even while you’re at rest.  And working out in the morning often gives people a healthier perspective and encourages them to keep up their good work by eating well and abstaining from unhealthy habits.

Although you may not believe it, you probably have more energy in the morning than later in the day.  Waiting until the afternoon or evening to work out often leads to major procrastination and skipping the workout all together.  After you wipe the sleep out of your eyes and have a cup of coffee, you should feel the great benefits of the full night’s rest you just had.  Use that energy to your advantage by getting your workout in early.  After a few months you’ll be able to train your body to push harder in the mornings than you would after a long day of work, kids, and other responsibilities.

Working out in the morning also gives you a sense of accomplishment.  If you can power through a tough workout, you can tackle anything in your day.  You can start your day in a positive mood, with less stress and a more balanced approach to any problems that come your way.  Plus, you don’t have to dread the workout all day because it’s already over.  Additionally, you may feel more beautiful – Working out gives your skin a healthy flushed glow and natural oil secretions can tame a bad hair day.

If you have trouble waking early, there are some hacks you can use to get yourself up and at ‘em.  Try setting two alarms and at least one that is not near your bed so you have to get up to turn it off.  Shock your system by turning on a bright light, loud music and washing your face with cool water immediately upon waking up.  Make sure you have a plan and are prepared for your workout by having your clothes, gym bag and sports equipment ready to go the night before.  Schedule a morning class or make plans to meet a friend in the morning so others can help hold you accountable.  Also respect your routine and stay focused on your goals.  The more you do it, the easier it will be.  Seeing progress towards your goals – mores stamina, better health report, weight loss, etc.. – will help you remain motivated too.

Happy spring training!!



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