6 Ways to Tickle His Heart on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the time to pull out all the stops on showing your love and affection. There are so many unique ways to demonstrate your feelings and they don’t have to cost much to pull off. With a personal touch, some ingenuity and lots of love you can give your guy a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Show your guy how you truly feel with these six ways to tickle his heart on Valentine’s Day:

Love Notes

Leave your guy notes anywhere and everywhere to make him feel special and loved all day long. There are many ways to make love notes fun. You can simply fill a jar with love notes and IOUs to be redeemed at a later date. You can hide notes in all sorts of places your man will find throughout the day. You can write on post-its and stick them on your bathroom mirror in a heart-shaped design. You can even put them in balloons that he’ll pop to reveal the note. Or, try making a scavenger hunt that incorporates things you love about your Valentine in addition to clues that are personal to your relationship.

Snuggle Bugs

Spend the day cuddling in whatever fashion you two love best. That may be sleeping in and caving out for pillow talk, or having a move marathon on the couch. You can take your snuggle time outdoors to watch the sunrise or set, or to take a romantic walk in your neighborhood or at a park. Being together is what this holiday is REALLY about, so schedule the day off work to ensure your love gets your full undivided attention.

Intimate Dining

Cooking together and having a romantic meal – whether that’s glamorous by candlelight or a picnic in your bed – is even sexier if you do it in your undies. That’s right, both of you can whip up a creative meal and enjoy it with you in a sexy bra and panties and him in his skivvies. Being almost naked makes everything more fun!

Wanna Play?

When’s the last time you actually “played” with your favorite person? It’s probably been quite some time. So, bust out the board games or challenge your guy to a sports contest of some sort. It’s ok to get competitive if it’s in the name of love. If you’re feeling frisky, put some skin in the game by making it a strip match (once the kids are asleep, of course).

Recreate Your First Date

If you’re itching to get out and about on Valentine’s Day, make it extra romantic by recreating your first date. Even if you don’t live in the same city as that first encounter, you can find a way to nod to your experience. Then incorporate some of your favorite spots throughout your relationship. Be sure to dress the part, whether that’s in a chic outfit designed to make him drool for a fancy dinner date, or a cute athleisure outfit to recreate a casual first date at a ballgame or park.

Plan Your Next Loving Year

As you reminisce about loving moments of the past, plan for the future too. Get out your calendars and schedule date nights for the next three months. Plan a romantic vacation to a favorite destination or somewhere you’re both dying to go. And make a bucket list of things you want to experience in your relationship. It may open the door to some deeply sentimental conversations.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


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