How Color Affects Mood: Bras that Evoke Emotion

color splotches from yellow to purple

Do you find that some days you’re full of passion or creativity, while other days are met with peacefulness or optimism? These feelings may be related to what you’re wearing, and that includes your bras. There’s a growing body of research that proves color affects mood, whether it’s a wall color, your computer’s background color, or your wardrobe. Dressing to evoke the emotions and actions you need to draw upon on any given day may be as simple as understanding color connections in the brain.

We are emotional beings and constantly reacting to both internal and external stimuli. Studies show that color can be an influencing factor in our emotional state and response in certain situations. In fact, businesses from casinos to retail shops spend big bucks designing enticing color palettes that will increase revenue.

Additionally, we have evolutionary, historical, cultural, and personal ties to colors that become part of our mindset. For example, blues often remind people of calming water or blue skies, both evoking tranquility and relaxation. Reds can be alarming, cautionary tones based on societal uses of emergency lights and stop signs.

But what if you took simple knowledge of how color affects mood and used it to your advantage on a daily basis? By wearing just the right color bra you could quite possibly change the course of your outlook every day. From being more persuasive in sales pitches or more motivated in your workouts, to waking up more chipper or feeling calm and ready for rest at the end of your day, colors can be incredibly powerful.

Take a look at which bra colors can evoke your desired goals:

Red Bras: Red commands attention and respect. While associated with aggression and danger, this color also exudes passion and love and can be empowering on days when you need strength and intensity.

Orange Bras: Combining the best of red and yellow, orange screams warmth and energy. It’s the ideal color for your athletic apparel because it’s motivating and fun too.

Yellow Bras: This sunny color conjures up feelings of happiness and youth. It is inherently bright and therefore symbolizes joy and cheerfulness.

Green Bras: Green has many positive connotations including nature, good luck, wealth, and success. It is also a shade for healing and hope, as well as productivity and efficiency.

Blue Bras: Calming blue helps restore balance and keeps you centered. In fact, some studies show it may lower your heart rate. Blues also evoke feelings of stability, loyalty and reliability, making it a natural choice for many uniforms.

Purple Bras: Royal and exotic connotations, along with nods towards luxury, wealth, spirituality and wisdom make purple an intriguing color. It’s also considered a sophisticated color that easily impresses others.

Black Bras: It’s no secret that black is a mysterious color, but it is also the color of authority, elegance, power, and professionalism.

White Bras: White represents purity, innocence, and cleanliness. It’s common to associate white with goodness, such as angels.

Brown Bras: This combination of warm colors reminds us of earthy stability and reliability. A staple in nature, brown feels secure.

Grey Bras: Grey is a neutral, sophisticated color that evokes quiet, calming emotions. Grey is practical as it’s a “middle-of-the-road” color, neither black nor white, but rather in-between.

Pink Bras: Pink is the ultimate color of femininity. It represents love and romance and makes you feel pretty all over.

What color bras will you wear to affect your mood?

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