Leading Lady Partners with Humanitarian Groups to Support Hurricane Relief Efforts

Our message during World Breastfeeding Week bears repeating now more than ever: “It takes a village.” For the communities affected by recent hurricanes and the people who suffered loss, the village joins together to support those in need. As an extension of our World Breastfeeding Week nursing bra donation program, Leading Lady partners with humanitarian groups to donate 500 full figure bras and nursing bras to women displaced by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area.  With Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association and The Blackish Mom at the helm, bras and maternity clothes are being distributed on-the-ground to women at the greatest disadvantages.

We want to thank our customers for making this Hurricane Relief Donation possible. Without your loyalty we would not have the resources to help women in their time of need. We believe bras do more than support your breasts. They lift your spirit, motivate your body, comfort your soul. That’s what women struggling to restore their lives need right now and we’re so proud we can offer support in every sense of the word.

Below find more information about our Hurricane Relief Donation and thanks again for being a valued customer!


Leading Lady Partners with Humanitarian Groups to Support Hurricane Relief Efforts with a Donation of Bras and Clothing to Women in Isolated Shelters


Leading Lady partners with Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association and owner of TheBlackishMom.com to distribute bras and maternity clothes to Hurricane Harvey victims on-the-ground in the Houston area.

Cleveland, OH —September 26, 2017 – As hurricane relief efforts continue throughout the U.S., Leading Lady partners with humanitarian groups to donate 500 bras and maternity garments to women in isolated shelters. Distribution is being handled on-the-ground through a team led by Houston-based blogger Victoria Graham of TheBlackishMom.com in affiliation with Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association. Leading Lady’s philanthropic donation includes items from its full figure bra, maternity clothes and nursing bra collections.

“Our hearts go out to all recent victims of hurricanes that have devastated parts of our country,” said Mark Corrado, third generation owner of Leading Lady. “Our Hurricane Relief Donation is aimed at helping women displaced by Hurricane Harvey; we hope that this donation will bring comfort to them.”

Hundreds of thousands of people permanently or temporarily lost their homes and belongings in recent hurricanes. Without basic clothing needs such as bras, women struggle to piece their lives back together. Graham and a team of other well-respected Houstonians are helping women at the greatest disadvantages in isolated shelters heal through donations and support.

“When I saw the first images of families in shelters, I immediately thought of breastfeeding moms,” said Graham. “I could not imagine the stress they were experiencing but I knew I wanted to help. With the generous response I received in less than a week of putting a plan together we have been able to help moms across the city of Houston as far as Kountze and Wharton, TX.”

Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association, an organization dedicated to improving infant health and mortality rates, is aiding in relief efforts through a 24-hour breastfeeding support hotline for victims or Hurricane Harvey. Nursing mothers facing devastating circumstances can speak directly to volunteer lactation consultants for support so they can continue to nurture their babies through breastfeeding, even in the worst of times.

“We are humbled to be a part of a collaborative effort to provide support to the families affected by Hurricane Harvey,” said Kiddada Green, Founding Executive Director of Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association. “With great thanks to our volunteer IBCLCs and CLCs, we are able to help families in need continue to breastfeed during disasters.”

Leading Lady’s Hurricane Relief Donation is an extension of an annual philanthropic donation program of more than $350,000 in nursing products to support moms, babies, families and communities in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, National Breastfeeding Month and Black Breastfeeding Week. The company’s core value is to help women realize their true potential through comfortable, supportive, attractive and inspiring apparel. By donating to women in need, Leading Lady makes these goals accessible to women of every walk of life, in any situation she may face. Every woman deserves support and Leading Lady is devoted to supporting women.

About Leading Lady:

Leading Lady is a premier nursing and full figure intimate apparel company dedicated to improving women’s lives with innovative products, resources and programs. Family owned and operated; Leading Lady has been supporting breastfeeding moms and babies for over 78 years. The brand promises superior quality and fit, a comprehensive selection of products and an excellent customer experience. The full collection is available for direct purchase at LeadingLady.com and in select retailers nationwide.

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