Winterize your Home Décor

We know you’re getting your fall and winter wardrobe in order so now it’s time to do the same for your home. With a few simple adjustments you can make your home feel cozy and warm for winter. Here are our tips on how to winterize your home décor this season:

Tip #1: Change your Linens

If snuggling up in a toasty bed all day sounds like your cup of tea in winter, swap your lighter linens for a warmer look and feel. You can still select cooling fabrics that will help you sleep better, but add layers so you can snuggle with your covers for as long as you like

Tip #2: Add Rugs

Rugs can add warmth both from a visual and temperature perspective. Layering rugs is an interesting way to keep your floors warmer and add a textured vibrancy to a room. Start with a flatter neutral layer and then add a smaller top rug to bring pizzazz as you winterize your home décor.

Tip #3: Seal and Drape Windows

Any gaps around your windows and doors will let in a cold draft. Caulk these areas to keep your heating costs down. Also use thicker winter drapes to hold the heat in your home rather than release it through the glass. Drapes don’t have to be expensive so consider having a winter and summer set that you can store when they’re not in use.

Winterize your Home Décor

Tip #4: Throw the Pillows and Blankets

A simple swap of your living room pillows and blankets can make your home feel like winter in no time. Plus it will make lounging on your couches so much more comfortable during the cooler months.

Tip #5: Light up with Candles

Candles are warm and inviting when the weather is cold. Find a few strategic spots for some of this natural light. And don’t save them only for company – enjoy candlelit meals, reading and other fun activities even when no one else is around.

Tip #6: Create a Winter Beverage Station

Whether you like hot tea, coffee, apple cider or something stronger, create a beverage station on a cart, coffee table or unused bookshelf. This will bring smiles to you and your guests whenever you need to warm up on the inside.

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