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5 Comforting Thoughts for New Moms on Valentine’s Day

by Abigail Piccillo on February 13, 2018

Being a new mom on Valentine’s Day brings new joy to the holiday. Perhaps for the first time, or maybe for the first time all over again, you get to share Valentine’s Day with the newest love in your life, your baby. While the days (and nights) might be long during the early stages of infancy, ultimately what matters most is the love.

On this holiday that celebrates love don’t forget to cherish these comforting thoughts for new moms on Valentine’s Day:

The little ways your baby shows big love

Newborns are not known for being extravagantly expressive and their verbal skills might be limited but your baby shows you love all the time. Her love is displayed when she stops crying the moment you pick her up and when she falls asleep snuggled in your arms. Your little one shows her love when she grips your finger, stares at you intently and turns towards your voice whenever she hears you. Eventually these signs of affection will turn into smiles, hugs, kisses and “I love yous.” But for now, these little ways are your clues that your baby loves you big time.

Breastfeeding is an incredible gift of love, health and nurture

In the chaos of caring for your baby, you may wonder if your baby feels your unwavering unconditional love. Caring for an infant is hard work and it’s normal to question yourself sometimes. When it comes to nutrition, however, giving your baby the gift of breast milk is undoubtedly an act of pure love. For some, breastfeeding is simple and natural. For others, it takes extra work to maintain. You can be comforted knowing that your efforts are completely worth it. Breastfeeding nourishes your baby’s body and brain with the most perfect blend of nutrients on the planet. She will benefit from this gift for a lifetime.

You and your partner made a human being with your love

The process of making, growing and giving birth to a tiny person is nothing short of a miracle. You and your partner did this with your love and now you have the opportunity to impart that love on your child day by day. With a new baby, you can have a renewed sense of love for your spouse because together you created an extraordinary life.

Every stage is temporary

Raising a child is full of ups and downs. When times are good you want them to last forever. When you’re going through a rough patch, you can’t wait for it to end. For better or worse, every stage of child rearing is temporary. Cherish the happy, precious moments and commit them to memory. During the challenging times, know that they will pass and you will all be stronger in the end.

You are amazing

You grew a human being in your body for approximately 40 weeks and then you gave birth to it with strength and courage. Now, as a new mom you’re facing the biggest journey of your lifetime. Molding a child in your image is the hardest and most rewarding experience in the world and you’re well on your way to doing it. There will be hiccups and mistakes but with your love, compassion and resourcefulness, raising a child will be your biggest and best accomplishment. During the moments of doubt, worry and wonder, believe in yourself as the phenomenal woman and mother that you are. Always improve, never give up and love with all of your heart.

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