Adorable Valentine’s Day Gifts to Make with Your Baby

Adorable Valentine’s Day Gifts to Make with Your Baby

Valentine’s Day is all about love so working with your precious baby to make Valentine’s Day gifts for your beloved is just the perfect combination. Plus it’s a lot of fun! Using your mom-genuity and creativity and your baby’s desire for exploration and discovery you two can make adorable Valentines’ Day gifts.

Check out these fabulous ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts to make with your baby:

Love Canvas

Your baby’s hands and feet are the perfect way to spell out your baby’s love on a blank canvas. First dip your baby’s finger in red paint and guide her to write the L and E in LOVE. Then coat your baby’s hands and feet in red paint and make the O using your baby’s full handprint and the V by butting your baby’s heels and fanning her feet diagonally. This can be done with a horizontal orientation or a square broken into quadrants.

Picture Perfect

Make cute signs for your baby to hold and take pictures of her. Then design a layout for a creative Valentine’s Day card. The signs can hold the words I LOVE YOU, or can list out different things your baby loves about your partner. This collage will certainly be a wonderful keepsake memory of your baby’s first Valentine’s Day.

Shirt Up

Dress your baby in a sweet t-shirt that appeals to your husband. Anything from “I love Daddy” or “Cute Like Daddy,” to “Daddy’s Little Love Bug” or “My Dad’s #1” are great. You can make the t-shirt yourself with iron-on letters or fabric markers, or you can have one printed in advance.

Personal Creations

On canvas, cardstock or poster board, block off letters for a sweet message or simply “I love you” with tape and then let your baby finger, hand or foot paint all over it. Once your baby has had her fill of creativity, peel off the tape and your loving words will shine through on your baby’s personal creation.

Hearts Galore

Using those same precious baby hands and feet, create cards or a variety of artworks with your baby’s featured heart-prints. With overlapping hands and feet prints you can make many heart impressions that are as unique as your little love.

Hand Outs

Trace and cut out your baby’s hand for some fun Valentine’s Day cards. One idea is to make two cutouts and connect them with a fanned strip of construction paper. On the hands write “I love you” and on the fanned strip write “this much!” Or you can fold down the index and middle finger of your baby’s hand cutout to make the love sign.

Valentine’s Day is sure to be filled with even more love now that you have a little one to share it with. We hope you enjoy these adorable Valentine’s Day gifts to make with your baby and we wish you a very special day.

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