Empowering Breastfeeding with Nursing Bras and Inspiration


It’s been a blast celebrating World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month with you! Thanks for all of your support in helping us raise awareness for this important cause that affects everyone, from moms and babies, to employers and communities.

During our largest Nursing Bra Donation EVER, we sent thousands of nursing bras, nursing tank tops, maternity bras, and nursing accessories to new moms across the country. Our goal was to encourage moms to make the best nutritional choices for their babies and provide support – in the form of nursing apparel – to make breastfeeding just a bit easier, with a lot of comfort and style too!

Empowering breastfeeding and enabling parents is critical to a successful breastfeeding journey. And it is nothing less than inspirational to hear where other women receive their support. Check out what these fabulous moms had to say about being empowered and enabled to breastfeed:

“I feel empowered knowing my body is giving my little human the nutrients, immunities and strength to thrive and grow! It's so amazing that women's bodies do this for our young!” - @nataliecollette | Instagram

“Every time I go to feed my baby and see how excited he gets it makes me feel awed and grateful that I get to feed my baby this way. I know many moms who struggle with breastfeeding and aren't able to continue. So thankful that at 4 months we're still going strong without any issues!!” – african_muzungu | Instagram

“Yesterday, I went to a local #livelovelatch event put on by @lllfayetteville which is Fayetteville’s local La Leche League Chapter. Tons of community resources were there to share information, snacks, prizes, silent auction, and free breastfeeding bras by @leadingladybras ⭐️ I have tried to soak in as much information as possible in preparation for motherhood. Breastfeeding is something I am definitely hoping to do for the first 6-12 months of our baby’s life, but I know it is going to take a lot of work and patience. I feel empowered and ready to give it a try because of events like this that bring all the community resources together in one place.” @strength4spouses | Instagram

“Through all of the latch issues, low supply struggles and many struggles and complications through our journey, we have made it 18 months strong breastfeeding while I'm also currently 7 months pregnant and struggling with low supply again, we are pushing through! Breastfeeding isn't always easy, but my baby(ies) will always be worth it ! 💓💓💓💓” – pitbullmommy2 | Instagram

“My mom empowered me. She did extended nursing with my 2 sisters and I when that wasn’t a thing and made it feel natural and comfortable to want to provide that for my kids. My older sister was a great support too keeping me stocked with delicious homemade lactation cookies for as long as I needed them. And of course, my husband makes me feel empowered by being by my side with whatever support he can offer while nursing whether that be changing the diaper when baby is done eating or getting me a drink or a snack at 2am. I have an incredible support system!” – Shannon | Facebook

"My job allows me to pump at work. When I get home my husband cleans my pump parts while I spend time nursing my son. These two things alone have been extremely helpful in my breastfeeding success." – Melinda | Defiance County Health Department

 “Empowered by the many breastfeeding mothers in my life, family and friends, who have taught by example!” – Bekky | Facebook


“Breastfeeding is, without a doubt, the most selfless, challenging, and rewarding experience a mother can have! There is no better feeling that being able to provide for your baby. Support from your loved ones, healthcare team, and community are a necessity for a successful breastfeeding journey and I have been blessed with all of the above! This is the perfect opportunity to express gratitude for those who have given advice and encouragement along the way! Grateful for those who donate milk, lactation consultants who work tirelessly to aid new mamas, and to family members who support a breastfeeding friendly environment both at home and in public ❤️ We’re 4 months in and no obstacles will keep us from continuing!” – taylorvahrens | Instagram

"My husband has been one of my biggest support systems. He has consistently encouraged me even on my hardest days." – Taryn | Defiance County Health Department

 “I feel empowered to breastfeed when I am able to find other moms out there who provide unconditional support and encouragement for this difficult but rewarding task. I loved being able to receive advice and wisdom on latching, nursing times, and the best products to use when nursing from all the lovely mommas in my life ❤️” – phantom101 | Instagram

“Breastfeeding my baby girl, Ivy Jean, is such a blessing. She has been exclusively breastfed since she latched the first time, just minutes after she was born. My doula excitedly told me that she thought we were gonna do great, and she was right! Other than those exhausting first few days, when she was basically nursing constantly until my milk came in, and the occasional nights that are sleeplessly punctuated by frequent nursing sessions, it has truly been a breeze. I’m proud of us, and I’m grateful. This pride and gratitude have been well-earned, because I wouldn’t have it without the experience of feeding my firstborn. My beautiful boy, Sagan Robert, was unexpectedly born with a critical series of congenital heart defects. The grief and trauma of not being able to hold and comfort your newborn, or provide him with the comfort of a full belly (he was given IV nutrition until several days after his open heart surgery, at 20 days old) is not something I will ever forget. Due to a multitude of complications, he ended up with a feeding tube and I exclusively pumped for a year to provide him with the nutrition he needed to grow. He is currently thriving, and we do our best not to take that for granted! He doesn’t always get mama milk (at 2 and a half, he needs other things nutritionally). For The Big Latch On, I made sure I brought some milk and tube feeding supplies; before I latched Ivy Jean, I gave him some milk through his tube. I felt like it was important to raise awareness about families like ours—no journey is the same! I was also excited to receive one of the free nursing bras provided by Leading Lady. As a plus-size mama, I was worried they wouldn’t have my size. But they did, and it’s my new favorite nursing bra! What a wonderful gift for breastfeeding mamas.” Camie | Blount County, TN WIC

“By wanting to give my child nourishment and support from family and other moms.” – Nici | Facebook


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