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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! This special day for dads is a great time to talk about how to involve daddy – or any partner or supporter in a new family’s life – in breastfeeding.  Nursing may look like a two-way street with no room for a third party, but we see it differently.  Dad helped make that little bundle of joy and therefore dad can be a part of ensuring baby’s growth and development through the perfect nutritional source, breast milk.

Whether this is his first Father’s Day, or he’s an old pro, take the time to talk to all the dads in your life about how he can be a part of the intimate bond of breastfeeding. Ultimately decisions about breastfeeding should be left up to the new parents, but anyone can share helpful information to improve the familial breastfeeding relationship as well as the health and well-being of those involved. 

Here are four tips from the Leading Lady team on how to incorporate partners in the nursing routine:

1) Prepare for Breastfeeding with Classes and Comfort

Start by taking a breastfeeding class together during pregnancy.  Mom is carrying baby and has a lot of other things swirling around in her mind so having support in a breastfeeding class will help mom when it’s time to take action.  In the class the couple will be reminded of the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby, plus you’ll learn about nursing positions, encouraging your milk supply, the importance of great nursing bras and nursing tank tops, and feeding schedules. 

Another part of preparing for breastfeeding as a couple is ensuring mom is healthy and mentally prepared. That starts with comfortable maternity clothes, including maternity leggings, maternity bras, and maternity tops. While moms-to-be don’t need a whole closet full of maternity clothes, she’ll want to be sure to have items that will help her stay active, like maternity sports bras for walks together, and a chic maternity outfit of maternity leggings and a cute maternity top for special date nights before the baby arrives. Also, moms can ease the baby bump weight on their hips, back, and abdomen with a maternity support band or maternity belt.

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2) Feeding Time is Family Time

Spend quality family time together during feedings.  Hearing words and the cadence of conversation is not only soothing, but also a learning opportunity for baby.  As she’s filling her tummy with the perfect blend of nutrients for her growing body and brain, she will hear mommy and daddy chatting away.  Daddy can caress baby’s skin and tickle her toes to keep baby awake during feeding times.  Plus, it is nice to have an extra set of hands to burp and change baby while mommy takes a break.  After mom has nursed, dad can also engage in skin-to-skin contact with baby, which is calming and encourages bonding with both parents. 

Breastfeeding is infinitely easier with the right supplies. And fortunately, families don’t need much to make it a success! Some moms like to have certain pillows on hand and use apps to track nursing sessions. Nursing bras and nursing tank tops definitely simplify breastfeeding because they allow easy, comfortable access any time baby is hungry. Finding a rhythm with mom, dad, and baby will come over time and having a few tools to make it run smoothly is always helpful.

3) Spread the Love through Appreciation

Encouragement and support are essential during the newborn stage and especially breastfeeding.  If a couple has decided together that breast milk is what they want for their baby, it is important for both parents to make it happen.  This may mean helping mom stay positive if nursing becomes difficult or motivating her during late-night feedings.  (Nursing sleep bras can help make that easier too!) Or it may be as simple as saying “thank you” and making her feel appreciated for the one-of-a-kind gift she’s giving baby.

When the time comes for gift giving, one of the best gifts for new moms is nursing bras and nursing tank tops. They’ll always come in handy and they are symbolic of the wonderful breastfeeding experience moms, dads, and babies share together. This is a terrific way to let a new mom know she’s truly appreciated. And a sexy nursing bra like The Monroe helps keep dads interested too. 

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4) Share Responsibilities in New Ways

For families committed to breastfeeding, baby usually cannot be too far from mom, which means mom doesn’t get much of a break.  Dad can help-out around the house, run errands and arrange dinner whenever possible during the early months of breastfeeding so mom can use whatever down-time she has for herself.  Dad can even handle a feeding or two if mom is able to pump.

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Dads can be an integral and meaningful part of breastfeeding if families make it a priority.  We hope your Father’s Day, and every day, is full of togetherness and celebration!




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