Nursing Burns Calories- Does Using a Breast Pump Have the Same Effect?

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Breastfeeding burns calories, and we mean serious calories! While it’s no replacement for actual exercise, it sure helps kickstart your postpartum metabolism and gives you a guiltless appetite. And we have some good news for pumping mamas…

Pumping burns calories in a similar way breastfeeding burns calories. 

Since a breast pump mimics a baby sucking at the breast, your body responds similarly when it comes to the metabolic response. But while both pumping and breastfeeding burn calories, breastfeeding tends to be more efficient and therefore moms who breastfeed do it more often, burning more calories in the long run.

Some reminders about breastfeeding and pumping:

Breast milk is the most nutritious first food you can offer your baby. If pumping and serving breast milk from a bottle is the best way for you to achieve that goal, go for it. Using a breast pump is a great option when moms are away from their babies for more than several hours or when they are at work.

But do remember some of the amazing benefits of the act of breastfeeding:

Typically, babies are more efficient at striping breasts of milk than breast pumps. So your milk supply will increase the more your baby feeds. This helps you keep up with the demands of your baby as she grows. If you are using a pump to replace breastfeeding, you have to be diligent in pumping frequently enough to meet the needs of your baby and drain your breasts completely. 

In general, pumping tends to be more time-consuming because it can take 15-30 minutes to pump both breasts, plus an additional 10-30 minutes to bottle feed your baby. Add in the time it takes to clean the bottles and pumping equipment and you may have spent over an hour on one feeding. For some moms, this time and effort lead to longer lags between pumping, which may decrease milk supply.

Breastfeeding offers a precious skin to skin connection with your baby that is irreplaceable.  Also, when a baby breast feeds, the breast milk sprays into the baby’s oropharynx, helping to clear out the mucus and reduce risk of infection of the upper respiratory tract.

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Lactation resources are available!

If you are pumping because you are having latching issues, you may want to contact a local lactation consultant or La Leche League leader for breastfeeding help.  There are many out there eager to help you!

You can also check out Leading Lady's online breastfeeding resources that answer many questions and offer solutions for common breastfeeding problems. Our Breastfeeding Tips cover topics including latching, positioning and pumping. And our free downloadable Breastfeeding E-Book is an excellent tool to get you started and keep you going!

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