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Breastfeeding Nursing Bra Mom and Baby

Bringing home a baby often has many moms more than a little anxious. It’s no secret that breastfeeding is the best nutritional option for your baby, especially for building a strong immune system. And maintaining healthy habits while breastfeeding is essential too. We’re sharing the best nursing bras to help you stay healthy at home with your baby.

Nursing Bras for Staying Healthy at Home

You’re following your doctor’s recommendations for you and your baby, reading up about how to protect your new growing family, and taking extra precautions. So you already know breastfeeding is one of the best possible things you can do for your baby…and yourself. Breastfeeding has so many nutritional, physical, mental and emotional benefits for your little one, and for you too.

On top of your gift of nourishment, more than ever it’s important  to keep your body healthy and strong for yourself and your baby. And we’ve got the best nursing bras that support your mission to nurture:

Healthy Sleep Habits – Nursing Sleep Bras

There’s a growing body of evidence that sleep is the key to a healthy body. During sleep, your body is rejuvenating from the day before and bolstering your immune strength. A robust immune system will help keep you well and give you the fortitude to take care of your family. As you are surely aware, caring for infants requires a lot of energy and feeling less than your best just won’t cut it.

Nursing Bra Solution: The Serenity Bamboo Sleep Bra is ideal for nighttime feedings and staying comfy and cool while getting your best night’s rest. The crossover design features slide-over cups that simplify breastfeeding at night.

The Serenity Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra  The Serenity Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra

Exercise – Nursing Sports Bras

We know it can be tough to get motivated for a workout when you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with new responsibilities. But exercise can actually give you physical energy, strengthen your immune system, and boost your brain chemicals to improve your mental and emotional state as well. We could all use a dose of that!

Nursing Bra Solution: The Vivien is ideal for stroller walks, mommy & me yoga, postpartum stretching, weightlifting and toning exercises to get your body and brain in alignment. This cotton nursing sports bra is the perfect blend of upbeat support and comfort.

The Vivien Sport Wirefree Nursing Bra  The Vivien Sport Wirefree Nursing Bra

Connection & Support – Everyday Nursing Bras

Feeling connected to loved ones is always important. Video or phone chatting and social media are a lifetime to the outside world but be sure to spend quality time with your partner too. Hugging, touching, and smiling have proven uplifting effects, and sharing heartfelt feelings and fears is therapeutic as well. (Remember, if you’re feeling unusually sad or anxious, reach out to a medical professional for help.)

Nursing Bra Solution: Keep the romance alive in The Monroe, our gorgeous lace nursing bra. This bra will keep you connected to life before baby. Beautiful soft lace overlays this flexible wirefree nursing bra so you can feel amazing and remain breastfeeding-ready all day long.

The Monroe Luxe Body Lace Wireless Nursing Bra  The Monroe Luxe Body Lace Wireless Nursing Bra

Relaxation – Comfortable Nursing Bras

Staying at home after your baby arrives gives you a unique opportunity to focus on things you love. Of course, your number one priority is that sweet new baby, but clear time for relaxation and hobbies including meditation, reading, sewing, gardening, cooking or whatever makes you happy. Having a baby shouldn’t cause you to sacrifice all that brings you joy.

Nursing Bra Solution: Take advantage of the slower pace at home with our uber-comfy leisure bras like The Meryl. This cotton leisure bra features a front-closure design that stretches with your body and supports in every direction. You can wear it day and night for convenient nursing anytime.

The Meryl Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra  The Meryl Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra

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