Play on Neutrals: Nursing Bras for the Reality of New Motherhood

We love color, but we also know that neutrals can REALLY come in handy. Like when those unpredictable and inevitable “mommy moments” pop up. So, we’re realistic about the most useful and flattering nursing bras for new moms. Often, these are the ones that tuck, hide, and smooth to help you look your best in your new role.

Let’s get real about breastfeeding. Leaky breasts are probably going to “squirt” up a time or two (or two hundred – hello nursing pads!). Spit-up happens…a lot! Drool, leaky diapers, runny noses, snack mishaps – all par for the course. And perhaps the worst is when you spill that precious pumped milk all over…yourself…when you’re in a hurry…and your baby is fussy…and no one is around to help.

Well, no sense crying over spilt breast milk when you’re wearing a nursing bra that hides it all. And not only that, a nursing bra that is comfortable, supportive, convenient, and flattering too! Neutral nursing bras are perfect for life’s little “mommy moments.” Then you can layer on tinted tops that satisfy your need for color.

We have just the neutral nursing bra styles that will keep you laughing, playing, and enjoying new motherhood:

Neutral Cotton Nursing Bras

During pregnancy and your early days of breastfeeding, cotton nursing bras are your best bet. They are breathable, stretchy, soft and can keep you comfortable as your tender breasts fluctuate in size. Styles like our Cotton Wirefree Nursing Bra (that comes in a 2-pack!), Cotton Seamless Athleisure Sports Nursing Bra, Cotton Sport Wirefree Nursing Bra, and Cotton Sleep Bra (another 2-pack!) are ideal.

Neutral Nursing T-shirt Bras

Your breasts have gone through a lot of changes by the time you initiate breastfeeding, and they will continue to transform throughout your journey. A nursing t-shirt bra can help smooth your look with contoured cups that lift and support your breasts. Our Cool Fit Nursing Bra, Dreamy Comfort Maternity to Nursing Bra, and Nursing T-shirt Bra are great when you’re headed out of the house to show off your baby.

Neutral Lace Nursing Bras

Ok, so your favorite lace dress doesn’t fit quite yet but your lace nursing bras can give you that same feminine feeling while supporting your mission to breastfeed. You’ll love our Luxe Body Lace Nursing Bra or our All-Over Lace Nursing T-shirt Bra to satisfy your craving for sensual lace.

Neutral Nursing Tank Tops

For layering, nothing beats a neutral nursing tank top. White, nude, and black nursing tank tops smooth your look under blouses, t-shirts and dresses and make breastfeeding on-the-go much easier. They also allow you to shed layers and still look fashionable. Add our nursing cover that doubles as a scarf and your outfit will be made!

Bottom line: Nudes and whites will help hide the milk mishaps and almost anything that your baby throws back your way. Grey nursing bras are stylish and walk the line of hiding calamities and flattering your figure. Black nursing bras are super flattering, terrific under dark tops and can help you feel feminine once again. Play with your neutrals, then layer on the colors to complete your new mom look.

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