The Few Items You REALLY Need When Your Baby Arrives

The Few Items You REALLY Need When Your Baby Arrives

Before your baby arrives it’s so tempting to register for every gadget, gizmo, and adorable outfit you see. But the truth is, you really don’t need a whole lot of “stuff” right away. And sometimes when you accumulate too much too soon, it ends up going unused.

Sure, you may want your new little love to have the latest and greatest of everything, but your baby’s basic needs are all she cares about for the first few months of her life. Food, warmth, sleep and frequent elimination are on your baby’s mind, whether she’s telling you or not. The good news is, there are only a few items you really need when your baby arrives.

Here’s our list of the essentials:

Car Seat

Most hospitals will not let parents take their newborns home without an infant car seat. Do your research to determine the safest and most versatile option for your family. Many car seats convert so you can use it throughout your baby’s infancy, toddlerhood, and school-age years. You may also want a car seat that attaches to a stroller for easy transferring on-the-go.

Breastfeeding Supplies

By choosing to breastfeed you’re giving your baby the best gift of nutrition, health, and love. And it doesn’t take much to provide that once-in-a-lifetime nourishment. With dedication and a positive attitude, you can meet your breastfeeding goals.

A nursing bra like our Sport Wirefree Nursing Bra helps makes breastfeeding easier with simple one-handed nursing clasps. This bra is ideal for all stages of breastfeeding because it offers wirefree stretch, support and adjustability.  A nursing cami is also extremely versatile for day or night, starting during pregnancy, through your hospital stay, and throughout your breastfeeding journey. For discreet breastfeeding whenever and wherever your baby is hungry, keep our stylish nursing cover in your diaper bag. And always bring along an extra pair of nursing pads to avoid uncomfortable leaks.

Sleep Space

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all babies have their own sleep space, even if they are rooming in with their parents. That means a cradle, crib, bassinet, or play yard all to herself. The sleep space should be free from any objects including pillows, sheets, blankets, and stuffed animals, all of which could be a suffocation hazard for your baby. If you’ve not yet purchased a crib or had time to dedicate a room to your new family member, a simple bassinet next to your bed is all she needs for the first few months.


You have every right to dress your baby in a precious new outfit for each day of the week. However, only a few tops, pants, one-piece pajamas, socks, and hats are necessary. Chances are you will be doing laundry quite frequently with a newborn in the house (they tend to spit up a lot!) so having clean clothes for your little one probably won’t be an issue. Remember, your baby will grow out of her newborn and infant clothes within a few short months, so you can keep her wardrobe simple and small. Blankets and swaddles are optional, but many babies do like to be wrapped tightly for warmth and security.

Diaper Supplies

Whether you’re going cloth and wipeless, or disposable all the way, diapering supplies are necessary as soon as your baby arrives. Buying bulk saves money but don’t go too crazy with truckloads of diapers. Your baby will outgrow each size fairly quickly. Many parents like to have a barrier cream on hand to prevent or treat diaper rashes.

That’s about it, moms! You can keep it just that simple when your baby arrives. Surely the mountain of toys, clothes and other items to occupy your baby and make your life easier will come over time. But for now, enjoy meeting your baby’s basic needs without needing much at all.

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