Fall-Loving Bras: Let’s Get Cozy in these Comfortable Bras

Sweater weather, snuggling by the fire, and enjoying a new set of outdoor activities is what this season is all about. When the air is crisp and you’re dressing for style, function and warmth, our fall-loving comfortable bras are just what you need to feel cozy.

Today we’re sharing our top picks and your best bets for comfortable bras this fall:

Cuddle Up in Leisure Bras

Whether the cooler weather makes you want to cuddle your husband, baby, entire family, or just hunker down beneath a warm blanket, we’ve got the best leisure bras for snuggling. That’s because our leisure bras are made of soft, stretchy fabrics that give you endless lounging flexibility. Wide straps and a u-back support your entire upper body so you can focus on your task at hand: cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles (and we can’t forget breastfeeding too, if you’re a new mom!). Check out our Cotton Front Closure Leisure Bra, Zig Zag Weave Front Closure Leisure Bra and our Front Closure Leisure Bra.

Fall for Everyday Comfort Bras

Leisure bras are synonymous with comfort, but your everyday bras should also keep you lifted and comfortable. Yes, even bras you wear under long sleeve t-shirts, blouses, blazers and sweaters should disappear beneath your clothes, not only in appearance but also how you feel in them. Styles like our Brigette and Luxe Body collection t-shirt bras and our nursing t-shirt bras are designed for ultimate support with contoured cups, cushioned straps, enhanced underwire or wireless bands, and side-to-back smoothing zones. All the while, these bras create sleek lines beneath your clothes that complete your fall look.

Reinvent the Season in Bralettes

Fall is the perfect time to check out our new Bralettes! They are not only feminine and pretty, but also more comfortable and supportive than you would ever imagine a bralette could be. Whether you like the elaborate lace in our Lace Wirefree Front Closure Bralette or smooth sophistication in our Greta Wirefree Bralette, we have something for everyone to help you rediscover a new season in delicate yet uplifting comfort.

Nighty-Night in Sleep Bras

If you haven’t tried it, wearing sleep bras at night make going to bed absolutely divine. You can enjoy that same light support you need while getting a peaceful night’s rest. The front closure or pullover designs simplify dressing and ensure you avoid lying on uncomfortable hooks. For nursing mamas, sleep bras are ideal for nighttime feedings because they offer easy access so you can get back to sleep sooner. Cooler weather was made for hitting the snooze button a few extra times and our sleep bras will definitely keep you in dreamland a little longer.

We hope you’re embracing fall in comfortable bras for all the cozy activities you have planned!

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