Fit for a Queen: Your Perfect Bra Fit in Full Figure Bras


Spring is in full bloom and it’s time to get your wardrobe locked and loaded for the season, starting with your intimates. Every good outfit begins with a perfect bra fit that will enhance your silhouette and make you look and feel like the amazing woman you are. As spring lightens your ensembles, we’re sharing how to measure for a bra and our bra fitting guide so you can find a bra that fits your body impeccably.

A Bra that Fits

Wearing a bra that fits can make a huge difference in your life. A perfect bra fit ensures comfort and support all day long for whatever activities you enjoy. That means your breasts will stay in place without the need for adjustments during the day, and your straps and band won’t dig, leaving irritating indentations on your skin. Full figure support bras lift your bust and smooth all the way around to help you create a beautiful shape 360 degrees. When you look and feel this fabulous in your full figure bras, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect bra fit.

How to Measure for a Bra

You wear a bra every day but knowing how to measure for a bra may still be a confusing proposition. The truth is, measuring your bra size to get the perfect bra fit is something you should do more often than you think. We recommend measuring every six months to make sure you are always wearing the best full figure bras. Weight loss or gain, toning, aging, hormone shifts, and other factors may contribute to a change in your bra size.

Whether you wear a C cup bra, D cup bra, DD cup bra, DDD cup bra, F cup bra or G cup bra, our easy Bra Fit Calculator will help you find the best full figure bras for your unique body shape. We’ve even included a handy printable tape measure to make it super simple.

Here’s how to measure for a bra:

  • Put on a comfortable unpadded bra.
  • For Band Size: Measure around your chest just under your arms but above the breasts.
  • For Cup Size: Measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Plug your measurements into our bra size calculator to get your accurate bra size.

Reminder: The tape measure should be level all the way around your back and held snug but not too tight.

Bra Fitting Guide

Once you’ve measured for your bra size, it’s essential to understand how your bra should fit. This is especially true for full figure bras because your comfort and the support value of the bra is so dependent on a perfect bra fit.

Keep these bra fitting guide tips in mind as you shop for your full figure bras:

  • Your bra should rest comfortably on your body at every point of contact. Areas that are gaping or digging are warning signs of bra fitting problems.
  • Center Seam: The center seam of your bra should lie flat on your chest without covering any part of your breast.
  • Cups: Your breasts should fill your bra cups without gaps or puckering (a sign your cups are too large) or spilling over the top or sides (a sign your cups are too small). Full coverage bras will cover your entire breast while half cup bras or demi bras for large breasts will sit lower on your bustline.
  • Band: Many bra fitting problems stem from the band. Your band should never cause discomfort. It should sit under your breasts in the front and under your shoulder blades in the back. If your breasts spill under the band, your bra is too small. If the band rides up when you move, you also may need to adjust your size.
  • Closures: We recommend fitting your bra at the middle setting. This will give you sizing flexibility throughout the lifetime of your bra. Many Leading Lady styles have four rows of hook-and-eye closures for even more adjustability options.
  • Full Figure Underwire Bras: Many believe the best support bra for full figured women is an underwire bra. If you have selected full figure underwire bras, the underwire should never rest on your breast tissue, but rather sit fully underneath your breasts.
  • Plus Size Wireless Bras: Wireless bras can also provide ample support if you find the right fit. Plus size wireless bras should have a reinforced band, like those in Leading Lady’s wireless bra
  • Straps: Your bra straps should stay in place and be comfortable all day long. That means they won’t slip off your shoulders or leave marks on your skin. Adjustable straps offer nice flexibility for minor size shifts. Many Leading Lady bras feature cushioned straps for a softer, more comfortable fit.
  • Styles: Just as bra fit is unique to your body, it is also dependent on your daily activities. A full figure sports bra like The Serena should fit snugger than a sleep bra such as our The Serenity
  • The Serena Wirefree Sport Full FIgure Bra 514                               The Serenity Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra 4501
  • You may prefer your everyday plus size t shirt bras like our range of styles in the Brigitte Collection  that are slightly looser than your sexy full figure bras such as The Ava Scalloped Lace Bra.These personal preferences will play into your bra fit for different styles.
  • The Brigette Classic Underwire- Padded T-Shirt Bra 5224                                  The Ava Scalloped Lace Underwire Full Figure Bra 5044
  • Mirror & Movement Check: When you look at yourself in the mirror wearing your full figure bras, make sure your breasts look and feel upright and lifted. Move around to ensure minimal shifting and bouncing. Make band and strap adjustments to find your ideal fit.

Because we know women need a variety of plus size bra options, Leading Lady’s full figure bras go beyond the traditional large band selections of D cup bras, DD cup bras, DDD cup bras, F cup bras and G cup bras. Our full figure bra collection also includes large band and small cup bras, such as a 44a bra or a 52B bra, that are often hard to find.

With a bra that fits, we’re predicting a sunny outlook this spring!

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