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Functionally Feminine: Sleep Bras in Just the Right Shade

By Erin Stieglitz on Oct 22, 2018

Functionally Feminine: Sleep Bras in Just the Right Shade

October is known for its vibrant hues as nature’s pallet creates a beautiful new landscape to enjoy. While you watch this transition outside, your wardrobe is also shifting to keep you comfortable and warm. For some, that means introducing new colors into your everyday wear. But others may keep things neutral during the day and introduce colors at night. If you fall into this later category, let us dazzle your color-buds with our fabulous sleep bras and sleepwear!

We know that colors have their place in your wardrobe. But brightly colored bras may not be what suits your usual attire. You can still add that necessary pop of color to your intimates with our array of sleep bras and sleepwear, that also double as cozy lounge bras for those fall days when chilling is all you have planned.

The Benefits of Sleep Bras

Sleep bras are about as dreamy as bras can get. That’s because every stitch is designed for your ultimate comfort. From the front-closure or pullover styles that make dressing simple and prevent you from lying on uncomfortable clasps, to the soft, stretchy fabrics that gently but effectively support your body. And we can’t forget the super comfy wide straps and leotard back that help create balance for your entire upper body.

When you’re sleeping, these qualities are essential to help keep you comfortable for your best night’s rest. Shifting breasts are not only painful, they can also lead to sagging over time. Sleep bras also prevent nipple chaffing and, for new moms, make breastfeeding a cinch at night. We recommend sleep bras to all women, regardless of breast size.

Our Best-Selling Sleep Bras

Our best-selling sleep bras come in several styles. Try one or all three of these favorites:

Cotton Front Closure Leisure Bra: Aptly named The Most Comfortable Bra in America ™, this cotton classic is fantastic for a day of lounge and leisure or sleeping comfortably. It is available in 13 chic colors and patterns and 34 A/B to 56 F/G/H.

Zig Zag Weave Front Closure Leisure Bra: The subtle pattern makes this a classy fashion bra that you’ll love wearing around the house and to bed. Blended fabric keeps this bra stretchy and cozy in sizes 36 B/C/D to 56 DD/F/G.

Front Closure Leisure Bra: Get sassy with this two-tone silky leopard print sleep and leisure bra. It is wildly stretchy and moves with you day and night. Check it out in sizes 38 B/C/D to 54 DD/F/G.

Sleep Bras and Sleepwear in Every Shade

Now that you know why you should wear sleep bras and have been introduced to our best-selling styles, let’s get to the really fun part…COLOR! No matter where you fall on the color spectrum, we have something for you. With hot pinks, scarlet reds and cute corals, we’re on board with your fiery side. Try calming blues, royal sapphire, opulent purples, or lavender florals for a peaceful yet regal slumber. Or keep things classic in our silver, sand, pearl, and white hues. We have sleep bras in shades for every mood, passion, and aspiration.

For nursing moms, our colorful options extend into sleepwear including nursing camis and nursing chemises. Nursing camis are extremely versatile because they can be worn day or night, on-the-go or lounging at home. Our styles come in pinks and blues, classic neutrals, and even stripes and polka dots.

At night, a nursing chemise may be a terrific option. Similar to our camis, the soft, breathable cotton will keep you comfortable, but this nightgown is also breezy and cute. With built in nursing clasps and a drop-down front, dream feeding can actually be a dream for mom too.


Now it’s easier than ever to dream in color with our array of beautiful sleep bras and sleepwear!

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