Large Band Size and Small Cup Bras

Large Band Size and Small Cup Bras

It’s a common misconception that every full figure woman needs large cup bras. The truth is that your band size and your cup size may have no correlation to one another. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding creates frustration for women who need a large band size and small cup bras because they are not made by many intimate apparel brands.

The fact is many women do need a large band size and small cup bras and struggle to find them. Fortunately you’ve come to the home of designers who understand the needs of women and celebrate that every woman’s body is unique and beautiful. Leading Lady embraces your curves with our full figure collection that fits women with a variety of band and cup size combinations.

Large Band Size and Small Cup Bras

Ladies, if you’re a 54A or a 48B (or many sizes above, below or in-between), we have bras for you! We know it’s so hard to find bras in your size but we’re changing that right here and right now. That means you can stop wearing bras with cups that are gaping or causing ridges underneath your clothes. You deserve to have bras that fit your breasts just as well as your frame.

With large band size and small cup bras you’ll find comfort, style, and just the right coverage you need for your body shape. Our signature features like no-slip straps, contoured cups, four rows of hook and eye closures, and side and back smoothing zones are only just a few things you’ll love about our full figure bras.

Seamless Styles

For your everyday needs, our t shirt bras create a gorgeous silhouette beneath anything in your wardrobe. Our Brigitte Collection was designed for women of all shapes, especially those in need of large band size and small cup bras. Our band sizes range from 32-54 and our cup sizes range from A-G. And even better than just offering large band size and small cup bras, this contoured bra comes in five styles to meet your personal needs. From casual t-shirt days, to business attire, these styles of large band size and small cup bras are perfect:

Lace Styles

We get it – you’re a 50B or a 44A and you love lace. We say, if lace bras are what you desire, then lace bras you shall receive! Sensual lace overlays with the softest fabric will make you feel luxuriously gorgeous. These are the ones we bet you'll crush on in large band size and small cup bras:

Comfort & Leisure Styles

Chilling out comfortably is so cozy in our comfort and leisure styles. With stretchability to keep you comfy day and night, The Meryl, Leading Lady’s cotton front closure bra, is amazing. This award-winning bra dubbed “The Most Comfortable Bra in America,” is made of soft, breathable cotton and has a front-closure design for easy dressing. This bra wraps your frame and cups your breasts effortlessly for your upmost comfort. 

Or check out The Claire comfort bra, the one that you'll want to wear all day, every day. We pulled out all the comfort stops on this one, from dual layer smooth cups, to comfort straps and a ballet back. And The Serena cotton racerback bra, available in combined cup ranges, is ideal for lounging or light exercise.

No more settling for bras cups that are too big. Get the large band size and small cup bras you need in Leading Lady’s vast bra selection. We know it will change the way you look and feel every single day!

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