Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you love shopping, we bet you’re counting down the days to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It takes a truly talented shopper to make the most of these holy shopping days, and we know you’re up for the challenge. If you keep some valuable tips in mind while preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll emerge victorious with the best deals.

Don’t get caught in the chaos of the moment. Follow this blueprint for preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Make Your List, Check it Twice

Make a list of everything you need and want for yourself and others. Organize it by stores or categories. If you have specific items on your list that you know will be in high demand, have a backup item selected in case quantities are limited. Super Shopper Tip: If you are on a budget, resist door-busters and other temptations and only buy items on your list.

Sign Up for Deals

Get on the email and/or mailing list for all of the stores you plan to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This way the deals will come straight to your inbox or mailbox. Sometimes you can get extra money off if you sign up for email subscriptions, participate in rewards programs, or connect via social media. Super Shopper Tip: Try to layer discounts to get the best deals.

Actively Search for Coupons

Sometimes you have to do the leg work but it’s worth the extra discount. Look for extra discounts by searching for coupons online, on social media or in newspapers. Super Shopper Tip: Make sure your cell phone is charged when you’re out on Black Friday so you can quickly pull up coupons to show at the register.

Dress for Success

Layer your wardrobe so you’re comfortable and can easily undress to try on items. Wear your comfiest shoes because you may do a lot of walking. Be sure to wear a comfortable and supportive full figure bra, too, so you feel great all day and can try on clothes with one of the bras you’re likely to pair with them. Super Shopper Tip: Front closure bras make dressing and undressing a snap.

Update Your Accounts

For online shopping, go ahead and create an account for the stores you plan to purchase from so checkout will go smoother. Make sure credit cards and addresses are updated on all existing accounts. Super Shopper Tip: Keep a cheat sheet of your account logins and passwords for easy reference.

Fill your Cart

Another online shopping tip while preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: fill your cart with the items you want to purchase. Usually the cart will update with any sale prices automatically. On the big day, simply return to your cart page to check out. Super Shopper Tip: Bookmark the cart page for even faster purchasing.

Price Check

Price checking apps or plug-ins can help ensure you’re getting the best deal of that moment. Download them on your phone or pc for your biggest savings. Super Shopper Tip: Before passing on a deal, make sure the better value alternative is available for immediate purchase.

Save your Receipts

You never know when you may need to return something so keep your receipts with your purchases or file them away in one place. Super Shopper Tip: Take note of final sale items and return policies before making purchases.

Be Prepared for Long Lines

What do you plan to do while waiting in long lines? If you’ve brought a friend along you can entertain each other. Otherwise, have something to read, someone to call or a game to play on your phone to pass the time. Super Shopper Tip: Bring snacks and water so you have energy to shop til you drop.

Watch Out for Theft

Unfortunately, the holiday season is met with the most crimes, including identify theft and package theft. Only use secure checkouts online and protect your credit cards, wallet and belongings when you are out shopping. Know when your packages are expected to arrive and bring them in your house as soon as they do. Super Shopper Tip: If you only use one credit card for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, it will cut down on your risk for identity theft.

Show your Holiday Spirit

The season is about kindness, happiness and giving. Be courteous to other shoppers and sales associates. When you come from a place of love and understanding and assume others are doing the same, the world is a much happier place, including the shopping world! Super Shopper Tip: Smile! It will make you and everyone around you feel better.

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