Spring Cleaning of a Different Nature: Signs You Need a New Bra

It’s spring cleaning time, ladies! Before you roll your eyes right off this screen, we have some vital information about your comfort. Your bra comfort, that is. And this type of spring cleaning is actually fun. Chances are you’ve been ignoring the signs you need a new bra. But you can use springtime to make crucial improvements to your bra wardrobe. Not so bad for spring cleaning, right?

From wearing the wrong size, to worn out materials, there are some telltale signs you need a new bra. And you’re going to want to read this because a new bra can make all the difference in your comfort, style, and level of support this spring.

Signs You Need a New Bra:

The Straps or Band Dig into Your Skin

No part of your bra should dig into your body and leave painful marks on your skin. If you have adjusted your straps and band to their widest positions and they are uncomfortably tight, your bra is too small. Try wearing bras like our signature t-shirt bras that feature lightly padded straps and four hook-and-eye closures for ultimate comfort and adjustability.

The Straps or Band Slip and Slide

On the flip side, your bra is too large if the straps and band are on their tightest settings and do not stay in place. There’s nothing more annoying that slipping straps, and a band that slides will not offer appropriate support. Front closure bras and racer back bras are great choices if this is a common issue for you.

You’re Wearing the Wrong Bras for Your Daily Lifestyle

There’s a reason you don’t wear a business suit to the gym. Just like the rest of your wardrobe, you should have bras that meet your lifestyle needs. That includes a variety of silhouette-enhancing t-shirt bras, casual comfort leisure bras, athleisure and sports bras, and snuggly sleep bras. And if you’re like us, you’ll want a few lacy special occasion bras too! Be sure to wear the appropriate bras for your daily activities to maintain the support and comfort you need.

You’re Not Getting the Shape You Want

Your bra should complement your body in every way and help you achieve your ideal shape. Smooth molded cups, side-and-back smoothing zones, and extra lift help boost your silhouette. When you discover the natural shaping Leading Lady’s bras offer, you’ll look your best in every outfit in your closet.

Your Bra is Fraying, Sagging, Stretching or the Hardware is Broken

Bras can be made of over 20 different materials, each of which deteriorate at different rates. Laundering, improper care, and even normal wear-and-tear will cause your bras to decline over time. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, at some point, your bra is going to give out. Wearing a bra that has lost its elasticity or shape, has torn fabric or seams, or has damaged hardware (such as broken hooks or exposed underwire) can interfere with its ability to support your body properly. Plus, it’s bound to be uncomfortable! You deserve bras that will make you look and feel great so use this spring cleaning time to discard old, worn out bras.

You Look Like You Have More or Less than Two Breasts

Your beautiful female shape was meant for exactly two breasts. Bras that give you the appearance of a “uni-boob” or “quadra-boob” are not the right style for your body. The appearance of one band across your chest usually means your breasts are squished together without enough separation. When your breasts spill over the top of your cups or under the bottom of your band, you may look like you have double breasts on each side. Both problems likely mean your bras are too small. Full coverage bras and support from an underwire bra in the appropriate size for your body can help resolve this.

Additional Signs You Need a New Bra

  • When you gain or lose weight, your bra size will likely shift as well. Use our handy bra size calculator to determine your best fit.
  • Don’t settle for itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable materials! You probably wear your bras more than any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe so don’t settle for anything less than extreme comfort. Soft breathable fabrics, cotton linings, padded straps, and even silky lace are some of the ways Leading Lady ensures you’re as comfy as can be in our bras.
  • Are your bras outdated? Sometimes you just need a new bra because your bras from 5 or 10 (dare we go further) years ago are just not stylish anymore. When you put on your bra you should feel radiant every single day. Updating your bra wardrobe can help make that a reality.

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