These Plus Size Front Closure Bras are Best Sellers – Here’s Why!

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We love front closure bras because they’re equally effortless and comfortable. They’re easy to put on and easy to keep on –  perfect for lounging, sleeping, snuggling, and hanging out on casual days. That’s probably why they’re some of our bestselling pieces here at Leading Lady (specifically our plus size front closure bras).

Each of our front closure leisure bra styles are made with soft, stretchy fabric that will gently and comfortably support your body. So much so that you might forget you’re wearing a bra. They feature a leotard style back, wide bra straps and 360 degree support. They’ll even smooth your curves! You’ll sleep better, lounge more comfortably and still look amazing. And several of our styles go beyond leisure days and are meant for all-day, everyday wear. Whatever style you choose, with front closure clasps dressing and undressing is simple.

Here are some key, product-specific features of our best selling plus size front closure bras.

Cotton Front Closure Leisure Bra

It’s hard to beat The Most Comfortable Bra in America™. Simply irresistible soft cotton hugs your body for an epically comfortable fit. We’ve got classic colors and playful patterns so you can match your mood any day of the week. Leading Lady’s Cotton Front Closure Leisure Bra is available in sizes 34 A/B to 52 F/G/H.

Zig Zag Weave Front Closure Leisure Full Figure Bra

This 5-star front closure bra is full of pizazz. The textured zig-zag patterned fabric is silky smooth against your skin and stretches just the way you need for comfort days. Wide straps help lift the weight of your breasts and distributes it across your back and shoulders for gentle support and a cozy feeling all day and all night.

Full Figure Front Closure Racer Back Underwire Bra

Looking for the ultimate support in a plus size front closure bra? Our Full Figure Front Closure Racer Back Underwire Bra is the one for you. It gives new meaning to lift, creating a beautiful, smooth silhouette. The racer back design means no slipping straps ever, and it helps take pressure off of your back and shoulders. With reinforced underwire and a secure center clasp, this bra is extremely flattering on full figure women. It’s available in sizes up to 48DDD.

Luxe Lace Front Closure Bra

If you love lace, our Luxe Lace Front Closure Bra is a thing of beauty. It combines the best of plus size front closure bras – stretchy support, wide padded straps, easy-to-dress front clasps – with a gorgeous lace imprint. The sensual, smooth fabric is exquisite and just what you need to spice up your plus size bra wardrobe.

Find out for yourself why these plus size front closure bras are best sellers. We’re sure you’ll put them on your faves list too!

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