What You Should Know about Underwire Bras vs. Wireless Bras

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “there’s a time and a place for everything.” This adage is even true of your bras. After all sports bras and sleep bras are wireless and it has nothing to do with going through metal detectors! Today we’re getting down to the nitty gritty details of underwire bras vs. wireless bras to help you find the best options for your body and your lifestyle.

Before we get started, keep this in mind: Unlike rival sports teams, underwire bras and wirefree bras are not mutually exclusive in your bra wardrobe. In fact, you may want a variety of styles in each category to coincide with your daily activities and wardrobe needs. So don’t feel you have to pick a side and stick to it. Mixing it up is highly recommended. Here’s why…

Underwire Bras

There are certainly a few myths about underwire bras and we’re going to debunk them today. But first, let’s take a look at the advantages of underwire bras:

In underwire bras, a sturdy metal wire sits beneath your bustline to lift and support your breasts. By doing so, your breasts are less likely to appear saggy, you’ll relieve stress on your shoulders and back, and your posture will improve. Underwire bras are often recommended for women with larger breasts. It’s true, underwire offers extra support for heavy breasts but women with small breasts enjoy a boosted lift from underwire bras too.

Many women believe that underwire bras are uncomfortable so opt out or, worse, wear them anyways for their uplifting effect. Underwire bras can and should be incredibly comfortable if you are wearing the correct bra size and style for your body. And that’s why calculating bra size periodically is essential. Comfortable underwire bras can even offer extra lift to relieve pressure on other areas of your body.

Also, if your bra is falling apart – which can happen over time due to laundering and normal wear-and-tear – the underwire may bend, separate, or poke through the seams of your bra. That’s a tell-tale sign you need a new bra. It is not a sign that underwire bras are uncomfortable.

Another common myth about underwire bras is that they cause breast cancer or are not healthy during breastfeeding. These are also fabrications. There is no evidence underwire bras have any link to breast cancer. And, if a new mom wears the proper size nursing bra, a daytime underwire nursing bra will not restrict milk supply or cause plugged ducts and infections. Moms who are most comfortable in underwire bras or need extra support during breastfeeding can rest assured they are safe.

Wireless Bras

By contrast, wireless bras offer many of the same great features as underwire bras but without a wire in the band. However, that doesn’t mean they make you look frumpy. Leading Lady’s wirefree bras have built-in support in the bands and some styles have inner slings and lining. We know women with larger breasts want wireless options too. The ideally snug fit of our comfort bands helps prevent shifting, chaffing, and bounce.

A supportive wireless band is especially important for sports bras, sleep bras, and leisure bras. Whether you wear a sports bra or a nursing sports bra, a secure band and stretchy flex-fit fabrics will keep you comfortable, dry, and energized when you’re on-the-move. And wireless bras are most comfortable for leisure days and sleeping. They gently cradle your breasts while preventing that dreaded “polar opposites” pull that can occur while sleeping on your back. Plus, when you turn to your side or sleep on your belly, you’ll only feel soft fabric against your skin.

Underwire Bras & Wireless Bras: Styles You’ll Love

Check out these trending Leading Lady styles that are available in underwire, wireless or both!

Underwire & Wireless Styles

Underwire Bra Styles

Wireless Bra Styles

The Final Word on Underwire Bras vs. Wireless Bras

Keep these points in mind when deciding which bras to buy:

  • Bra fit is the most important element to consider. A bra that doesn’t fit properly will be uncomfortable, regardless of the style.
  • Buy bras that compliment your ideal shape. That probably includes rounded cups, smoothing features, and just the right amount of lift.
  • Wear the type of bras warranted by your activities. Your sexy black dress may need the boost of an underwire bra. But when you’re lounging or running errands, you may prefer wirefree styles. Mix it up so you’re always looking and feeling your best.


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