Maternity Belt

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Our Leading Lady maternity belt is a must-have for all expecting moms! Pregnancy is a miraculous time but it can be hard work, especially with the added stress of prenatal discomfort. Lower back and hip pain are common and most women need a little extra help getting through the day. That’s where Leading Lady’s extra soft maternity belt comes in. Designed to embrace your growing baby in a snug, cradling fashion, it is completely adjustable to your distinctive, ever-changing shape. Our dual layer bands stretch and fasten for optimal baby bump support, promoting proper posture and balance. Additionally, our non-irritating fabric will always rest softly against your tender skin, allowing you to wear your band either confidently over, or discreetly under, your clothing! Don’t let the additional stress of prenatal pain slow you down. Designed to keep you active and comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy, our Leading Lady maternity belt will finally have you feeling as healthy as you look!

  • Completely adjustable to your changing body
  • Provides great support for baby bump and lower back
  • Helps relieve lower back pain
  • Designed with dual layered bands
  • First tummy band provides gentle support
  • Extra tummy band provide additional adjustability
  • May be worn discreetly under your clothing
  • Extra soft against skin
  • Promotes proper posture and balance
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  1. With the center of the band pulled firmly across your lower back, bring each end over hips and towards your front (under your baby bump). Secure tab end on belt for a snug, uplifting fit.
  2. Lift and pull forward elastic side straps for secondary support. Pull straps forward to your desired tension and secure using tab patches.
  3. Smooth out side straps and check belt’s placement to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit.

Maternity Belt Sizing:

Using measuring tape, measure the circumference in inches from the small of your back around to your front, about halfway between your pubic bone and your bellybutton. Use the size chart below to determine size.

Maternity Belt Size Chart

Belt Size

Band Size

Belt Length

Dress Size













Use and care

Hand wash only, line dry. 


Fabric Contents
Outer Layer:  100% Nylon
Inside Core:  100% Polyurethane
Inner Lining: 100% Cotton

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