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Frequently Asked Questions

About Leading Lady

What sets Leading Lady apart from other bra designers?

With over 78 years of experience designing bras for every stage of a woman’s life, Leading Lady is both a pioneer and innovator in the intimate apparel industry. Our products are as complex as the women we fit, ensuring a balance of comfort, support, style and features that truly make a difference day-in and day-out. By specializing in full figure bras, nursing bras and maternity apparel, we can focus on perfecting our products to meet your specific needs.

And that’s not all! Our commitment extends beyond the products we offer. Leading Lady is dedicated to supporting women with information, resources and a sense of community. Through philanthropic donations, educational resources, and inspiring content, we’re empowering women to be their best.

Bra Care

How should I care for my bras?

Maintain the shape, softness, and support of your bras by hand washing and line-drying them. Use only cleaning products made for delicate fabrics and non-chlorine bleach when necessary. This will avoid abrasive washing cycles, extreme heat, and chemicals that can easily damage your bras. Get more information on bra laundering on our How to Care page.

How often should I replace my bras?

The condition and fit of your bras will indicate when it’s time to shop for new ones. Most bras are made of over 20 different materials that may deteriorate at different rates based on laundering and normal wear-and-tear. Replace your most frequently-worn bras approximately every six to nine months, or sooner if you notice fraying, loss of elasticity, or damaged hardware.

Measuring for bra size every three months will help ensure your bras fit properly so you can enjoy their intended comfort and support. Bras that gape, cause your breasts to shift or sag, or ride up are usually too large. Your bra is too small if your breasts spill over the top or underneath the band, the straps or band dig into your skin, the center seam does not lie flat on your sternum, or you are wearing your bra on the last hook.

Common Product Inquiries

What is a sleep bra?

A sleep bra features a pull-over or font-closure design that gently supports your breasts for overnight comfort. Without the irritation of back clasps, you can sleep comfortably on your back. Especially for women with large breasts, sleep bras help prevent shifting, chaffing and sagging during the night. Sleep bras can also be worn for daytime leisure activities. Front closure sleep bras with light compression and flexibility are helpful for those with mobility challenges as well.

Which bras are best for sensitive skin?

Skin and breast sensitivity are common during different stages of life, especially during pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. Exclusively cotton bras or cotton blends are generally the most comfortable for sensitive skin. Most of our nursing bras and nursing camis feature an inner cotton lining to comfort sensitive breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and our sleep bras are designed with a softness that will soothe all day and all night. Our bestselling cotton latex wirefree bra was created specifically for women with sensitive skin. Bras with lightly padded straps, mesh, and cooling technology also help avoid irritation.

What is a nursing bra and why do I need one?

Nursing bras make breastfeeding more comfortable and convenient by properly supporting your ever-changing breasts and allowing simple breastfeeding access. Some nursing bra styles feature drop-down cups with easy one-handed clasps, while others have slide-over cups or front-closures.

In addition to being able to nurse right away when your baby is hungry, nursing bras are designed to support a new mom’s body throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast sensitivity, size fluctuations, heaviness, leakage, and hot flashes are common among new moms and moms-to-be. With features like inner slings, 4 hook bands (most bras have 3), adjustable straps, soft linings, and cooling technology, our nursing bras and nursing tank tops help address these concerns to make life more comfortable and relaxed with your baby.

Nursing & Maternity

What type of nursing bras do I need for breastfeeding?

As soon as your regular bras begin to feel tight, it’s time to purchase maternity bras that will keep you comfortable and help you transition to nursing. Soft, stretchy maternity bras, nursing bras, sleep bras and nursing camis are best throughout pregnancy and your early months of breastfeeding. These will soothe sensitive breasts while also maintaining support and flexibility for the ebb and flow of your milk supply.

By six to twelve weeks postpartum, your milk supply will likely stabilize making it more comfortable to wear a variety of nursing bra styles including contoured padded nursing bras and lace nursing bras. Leakage is common during breastfeeding, especially as your baby begins sleeping for longer stretches and more time passes between feedings. Nursing pads that fit discreetly in your nursing bras and nursing tank tops help keep your bras and clothes dry.

Returns and Exchanges

What is your return policy in case I need a different size?

We know it may be intimidating to shop at an online bra store without trying on our sizes and styles. That’s why we make shopping a pleasurable and reassuring experience. With free shipping, returns, and exchanges every day, you can feel confident that we’ll help you find bras you love without any hassle. Should you find your bra does not fit properly, simply use the return and exchange forms and prepaid mailing label included in your original shipment package. There is no additional charge for returning items for an exchange or refund. For more information visit our Shipping & Returns section or contact Customer Service or call 800-321-4804 (M-F, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST).

Sale & Clearance Items

How can I learn more about your sales?

Leading Lady offers premium quality products at affordable prices every day. They’re only made better by our incredible sales. Subscribe to our mailing list to get up-to-the minute deals on your favorite bras, plus tons of other phenomenal offers and information. Also, check our bra sales page regularly and follow us on social media to see our current promotions.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Our standard shipping is provided by USPS. Shipping and handling is subject to location. Learn more about our Shipping & Returns policy.


How do I determine my bra size?

Finding the right bra size is essential! The number one factor that impacts the comfortability and supportiveness of your bra is how it fits. Because it is common for your bra size to change based on weight loss/gain, hormonal shifts, and stages in your life, measuring for bra size is something you should do every three months. We’ve made calculating bra size extremely easy by giving you a step-by-step fit guide complete with a printable measuring tape. Find out how to find your bra size on our handy bra calculator.

Is a plus size bra just a larger version of a regular bra?

No! We intimately understand the support and comfort needs of women with larger breasts and bodies and incorporate these features into every style in our full figure bra collection. Simply adding more fabric won’t meet your needs in a plus size bra. We tailor-make our full figure bras to fit the shapes of real women with a range of body types who may need large cups, wide backs, extra support, back and side smoothing, or a combination of these features. We also offer hard to fit sizes like 32DD bras, 38G bras, 44B bras, 54G and many sizes in-between.

How do I know the best bra style for my body type?

We understand that every woman’s body and lifestyle is different and that should be reflected in the features of your bras. As you are shopping on, consider your daily activities and the elements that will best meet your needs. Use the search field to narrow down your wish list based on specific design types, features, and sizes.

Perhaps you need a boost from an extra supportive underwire bra, refreshment from our innovative cooling bras, or contouring from a padded nursing bra. You might wear an uncommon bra size or need a large band with smaller cups. Or you may enjoy padded shoulder straps, a racerback bra design, or front closure bras. We offer so many fantastic features that will improve your lifestyle and compliment your body type.