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August Is

National Breastfeeding Month

Buy One, Give One

Throughout the entire month of August, Leading Lady will be donating 1 nursing bra to a woman in need for every 1 bra purchased by YOU!

Who You're Helping

We Are Passionate About
Empowering Mothers

Every year, Leading Lady aims to empower new moms, families, and communities to advocate for healthy nutritional choices for babies. By partnering with breastfeeding support organizations including La Leche League, WIC chapters, hospitals, and community groups, we’re reaching thousands of mothers who are working hard to give their babies the best start in life.

Regardless of income, every mom should have the right and support to breastfeed, and sometimes that takes encouragement in the form of a comfortable, supportive, convenient nursing bra.

Leading Lady supports women with our products, programs, and resources. In total, we have contributed millions of dollars in bras to breastfeeding organizations and women’s charities.

Join Our Celebration

Spread your support for breastfeeding!