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1 in 10 Pregnant Women Now Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes

By Eleanor Shorey on May 2, 2018

1 in 10 Pregnant Women Now Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes New research published this month delivers important information for pregnant moms or women planning to conceive. A study conducted by the US government estimates that currently 1 out of 10 pregnant US women will develop Gestational Diabetes. This pregnancy complication occurs when an expecting mom’s blood sugar rises into unsafe, high levels and usually disappears after birth, but not without the possibility of short-term and long-term effects on both mom and baby.

Even though the gestational diabetes is not something shared between mom and baby, a child born to a mother with the affliction can develop diabetes later in life as well as other unhealthy side-effects. Mothers with gestational diabetes run the risk of being more likely to undergo a c-section delivery because the condition can cause your baby to grow abnormally large during pregnancy. In addition to being a more difficult birth, babies have been known to break their shoulders exiting the birth canal because of their large size.

Though gestational diabetes is a temporary condition for many pregnant women, the risk of developing another type of diabetes (often permanently) is greater for women who have had gestational diabetes. There’s no exact answer as to how a woman can develop the pregnancy condition in the first place, but researchers are finding a correlation between obesity and gestational diabetes as studies progress. When a mom’s insulin isn’t able to break down sugars properly her body’s blood sugar levels are compromised and exposed to developing this specific strain of diabetes. There’s also evidence that the placenta’s hormones can block insulin from working correctly as well.

To minimize your risk of developing gestational diabetes while expecting, keep an eye on your sugar intake. Staying away from highly processed foods and snacks will make your late night bowl of ice cream easier for your body to process, so make informed diet choices from first trimester to last. Doctors also recommend keeping up with your exercise routine as a way to avoid developing this condition. Stay fit and healthy for your health and your little one’s by practicing good eating habits and splurging on sweets in small doses.

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