New Strides in Public Breastfeeding Laws Online and Outside the Home

Model Natalia Vodianova shares a breastfeeding moment on her personal InstagramHave you heard the good news? Breastfeeding moms can now share their nursing session photos without worry of being in violation of Facebook’s picture sharing policy. New moms are rejoicing because it’s another important step for normalizing breastfeeding in the public eye. Facebook’s former policy prohibited posting photos that showed any part of a woman’s nipple (which is hard to avoid in a breastfeeding photo!). After much protestation from various breastfeeding communities, which rely on Facebook to connect with new mothers in need of breastfeeding advice and assistance, Facebook made the executive change to allow mothers to share their special moments freely on the social site.

Facebook’s not the only platform to welcome public breastfeeding—new legislation aimed at workplaces across the country is gaining attention from various groups. Lawmakers are drafting proposals that would require every workplace to provide nursing mothers with a specific lactation room. As it stands now, new mothers who use breast pumps at work are faced with uncertain pumping conditions that depend solely on the employer. Some women already use specific lactation rooms that are equipped with refrigerators, comfy chairs, and sinks for clean up, while other new moms pump in the bathroom or a supply closet. States like New York are eager to pen legislation that would unilaterally help all nursing moms maintain regular breastfeeding even after returning to work.

Breastfeeding is getting the public recognition it deserves thanks to the efforts of advocates, moms, politicians, and celebrities all committed to exposing the various important health benefits breastfeeding provides for a mom and her baby. Whether a celebrity mom shares a pictures of her nursing her little one or a lawmaker presses forward with anti-discrimination public breastfeeding laws, it’s refreshing to see so many members of society champion breastfeeding. Not only does nursing provide your little one with essential, natural nutrients, but it also protects against infection and obesity later in life. Mom’s benefit from breastfeeding as well; studies show that women who breastfeed are less likely to develop breast or ovarian cancer.

How are you planning on promoting breastfeeding in your community? Let us know in the comments. Happy nursing, moms!

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