10 Texting Rules


10 Texting RulesTexting is a modern luxury that greatly improves communication in our lives.  We can probably all agree that texting is just easier sometimes and we can get information quickly and effectively.  But with great power comes great responsibility, so there are still rules and regulations that need to be followed when texting.  Today we’re taking a look at 10 texting rules.

1 – Never text while driving. This should be ingrained in each of us by now but in case you still don’t abide, think about the consequences for you and others.  There is not a message in the world that is worth risking your life or the life of other drivers.  Put the phone down while driving and if something is urgent enough, pull over to address it.

2 – Follow basic grammar and punctuation. You don’t have to be as strict as your high school English teacher about grammar and punctuation, but not following these language rules cans change the meaning of your text.  In fact, you may want to over punctuate to separate thoughts.  Also, check for auto-correct so you don’t leave your textee wondering what you meant to say.

3 – Say what you want to say concisely in one text. Sending small tidbits over the course of multiple texts is annoying and alarming to others.  Instead, combine your thoughts in one text and leave the other person alone.  No one likes an over-texter.

4 – Don’t call in response to a text. Unless the texter asks you to call, text back or ask if you can call.  Chances are, if someone wanted to talk to you on the phone, they would have called you.  They may be in the middle of something else and need a text response rather than a phone call.

5 – Watch your tone and sarcasm. Words are easily misconstrued on texts so keep your tone calm and sarcasm to a minimum, especially with those who don’t know you very well.  Someone may take your text the wrong way and become angry, hurt or offended by something you never intended.

6 – Don’t say things on text that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Texting should not be a coward’s way out.  If you aren’t willing to discuss an issue with a friend in person, you shouldn’t be texting them about it.  That includes intimate conversations too.

7 – Don’t nudge for a response for 24 hours. Texting may not be the preferred form of communication for your friends and family so if they don’t respond right away, don’t freak out and don’t bother them about it for at least a day.  If something is that urgent, you shouldn’t be texting about it anyways.

8 – Always text when you are running late. It’s just rude to show up more than 10 minutes late without having given your “date” a heads up that you are delayed.  Respect other people’s time by doing them the courtesy of sending a short text to let them know you are on the way.

9 – Make sure you are texting the right person. First of all, texting the wrong person might bother them.  But more than that, it could be embarrassing!  It might be humiliating or uncomfortable if you text your boss something meant for your husband or you text the wrong friend about a fun night out.  Double check who you are texting before hitting send.

10 – Respect other people’s schedules. If you know a friend goes to bed early or sleeps late in the mornings, don’t text them during their non-waking hours.  It is quite disruptive to hear the phone buzz when you’re trying to sleep.

Keep these texting rules in mind as you enjoy life’s modern conveniences of communication.

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