10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Skin: Part 1

Most women strive to be beautiful inside and out – that is, having good character, maintaining a healthy body, and polishing up for a pleasing outward appearance. A full package, as you might say. When it comes to looking great, your skin is ever-so-important. We’d put it right up there with creating a gorgeous silhouette by wearing the right full figure bras. This week we’re sharing 10 things every woman should know about her skin to help you put your best face forward so both your inner and outer beauty can define your best self.

1 – Beauty is more than Skin Deep

If you put a lot of stock in the quality of your skin, then you should also care a lot about what you’re eating and others ways you treat your body. What goes into your body directly influences your skin in much the same ways as what you put on your body.

Eating a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories is essential for radiant skin because they nourish and repair cells throughout your body, including skin cells. Also, omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, walnuts and flax seed helps your skin retain moisture for a fuller and smoother appearance. And don’t forget to get enough calcium to prevent your facial bones from shrinking leaving loose skin to sag.

For a quick nutritional boost from the inside, try chlorophyll shots or tablets, drinking green vegetable juice and taking a daily women’s multi-vitamin.

2 – Even the Good Age Young

Believe it or not, aging begins in your 20s. Yikes! It is always easier to retain collagen than it is to replace it so start a skincare regimen that helps you maintain skin elasticity early. The more years you’ve taken care of your skin properly, the slower you’ll show signs of aging.

3 – Do a Facial Workout

Here’s a workout that’s a lot easier than spinning or barre class: exercising and stretching your face. Your face has muscles just like the rest of your body and to keep them tone, you’ve got to move them. So go ahead and make those ridiculous faces in the mirror and smile a whole lot in the name of facial toning.

After your “workout” try a professional or DIY facial massage to stimulate fibroblasts that produce collagen. Your skin will look and feel suppler in no time.

4 – Hands Off

Your hands carry billions of bacteria that can lead to breakouts, wrinkles and even get you sick if you touch your face before washing. Always wash with soap and warm water before applying moisturizer, makeup or touching your face.

While you’re at it, wash brushes and sponges regularly because they, too, can harbor bacteria that will blemish skin.

5 – Beware of Hormones

When your hormones are freaking out, your skin may (unwillingly) go along for the ride. During pregnancy, menopause or your period your skin will often reflect the shift of hormones occurring inside your body. Skin during pregnancy and while menstruating tends to be oily or extremely sensitive. Both of these problems can lead to breakouts, acne or other skin reactions. Skin during perimenopause or menopause may be dryer than usual. And we’re sorry to break the bad news ladies but acne can actually increase as you get older.

To defend against hormone related skin issues, eat foods that combat your issues. Carbs and high-fat foods tend to fuel oily skin so do your best to avoid them when you’re nearing your period. Eating hydrating foods can support skin moisture around menopause. Also, switch up your skincare routine as necessary to better address your skin problems at any given time.

Stick around later this week for the rest of our series on the 10 things every woman should know about her skin.

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