6 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Every Day

If you’re a chocolate lover, you probably want (or more like need) to get you fix every day. And science says that’s really good for your health! When you eat chocolate every day, especially dark chocolate, you’re getting a ton of great nutrients that you may not even realize.Today we’re sharing six reasons to eat chocolate every day:

6 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Every DayReason #1: Chocolate Helps You Think Better

Chocolate contains antioxidants and iron that energize and oxygenate your blood. As more blood circulates to your brain, you become more alert, focused and better able to think clearly. And there are even studies that show the long-term benefit of chocolate for staving off brain-degenerative diseases.

Reason #2: Chocolate Makes You Feel Happier

Beyond the amazing taste of chocolate that makes you smile on the spot, chocolate contains the amino acid tryptophan that stimulates the production of the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin. It also curbs stress hormones so you’ll stay more relaxed.

Reason #3: Chocolate Aids Digestion

Chocolate contains fiber that helps you eliminate waste from your digestive tract. It also has tons of flavonols and polyphenols that contribute to healthy flora in the gut for smoother digestion, a less leaky gut and reduced intestinal inflammation.

Reason #4: Chocolate Supports Your Heart

With all those antioxidants, flavonols and polyphenols, chocolate is a cardiovascular win too. It improves circulation, lowers cholesterol levels and helps prevent heart failure and other heart conditions.

Reason #5: Chocolate Revs Your Metabolism

There’s nothing better than using a daily dose of chocolate to lose weight. Dark chocolate with a high content of cacao can reduce insulin levels and boost weight loss. Plus, fiber and that satisfying taste of chocolate makes it last longer in your body so you won’t reach for less nutritious snacks.

Reason #6: Chocolate Rejuvenates Your Skin

In addition to getting the blood flowing around your body, chocolate accelerates blood flow to your skin. It also improves the thickness and moisture content of your skin and protects you from UV rays for an overall more youthful appearance.

So next time you get a hankering for some chocolate, by all means, eat it for your health!

Sources: Good Housekeeping, Huffington Post and Power of Positivity

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