Comfort Straps Make the Difference on Full Figure Bras

When you think about it, you wear your intimate apparel more than any other items in your wardrobe, and your bras get worn most of all. That means all-day comfort starts with your first layer, your bra. At Leading Lady we pour over every inch of our bras to ensure they provide the upmost comfort. Today we’re hyper-focusing on comfort straps.

Come see why comfort straps are so important on full figure bras:

Comfort Straps Make the Difference on Full Figure BrasFull figure bras feature extra support in every key area to ensure fuller breasts are lifted and positioned appropriately for health and aesthetics. The straps, cups and band work in concert to create the perfect harmony of comfort and support in full figure bras.

Comfort straps are impeccably tailored to feel “barely there” on your shoulders. With a wider width than regular straps, comfort straps reduce the concentration of pressure in one small space. They are also lightly padded with smooth materials so they rest softly on your skin. Ultimately, comfort straps are designed to gently lift your breasts without leaving impressions or redness.

Like many bra straps, most of our comfort straps are adjustable to help you find your best fit every day. Adjustable straps offer flexibility when your size shifts slightly or when you need a tighter, loser, higher or lower fit based on your wardrobe.

All too often full figure women give in to uncomfortable straps because they feel this is the only way they can achieve the support they need. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A good full figure bra will support without straps that dig into your skin and leave marks or irritation on your shoulders.

In fact, comfort straps are more important on full figure bras than bras for smaller breasts because they help counterbalance the weight and strain fuller breasts can put on your shoulders, neck and back.

When it comes to fit and comfort in your full figure bras, make comfort straps a priority. Comfort straps are a signature feature in our full figure bra collection including our Luxe Lace full figure bras, Dreamy Comfort full figure bras, Molded Padded Seamless full figure bras and our Scalloped Lace full figure bra.

The strap of your bra may not seem like such a big deal, but it’s our job to ensure every inch of your bra is comfortable. Comfort straps can make a world of difference in the garment you wear most in your wardrobe.


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