10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Skin: Part 2

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Skin: Part 2We’re back with our series on 10 things every woman should know about her skin. Just like wearing the right full figure bras can boost your confidence, we want you to have gorgeous skin that makes you look and feel youthful and fabulous. As we learned earlier this week, that starts with adopting a good skincare regimen early, eating a healthy diet, practicing good hygiene habits and doing a facial workout every once in awhile.

Today we’re rounding out our 10 things every woman should know about her skin with five more reminders that will keep you glowing from your 20s to your 90s.

6 – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Your entire body craves water and your skin is no exception. Drinking enough water is one of the simplest, most inexpensive and best ways to healthier, younger-looking skin. Skin hydration comes from drinking plenty of water and upping your intake when you lose water through sweat, dehydrate with alcohol or coffee, or retain water from salty foods. Don’t forget to eat water-based foods such as watermelon, cucumbers and low-sodium soups. These count towards your daily hydration as well.

7 – And Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

After you take care of the inner hydration, make topical hydration a priority by moisturizing each morning and at night. Daytime moisturizing should ideally happen right after the shower to lock in water moisture. Try a nighttime moisturizer with retinol, a form of Vitamin A that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Always, always, always wear sunscreen. That means every single day, regardless of the weather or your plans to be outdoors. Daily UV exposure occurs even without direct exposure to sunlight. Wear SPF 30 or higher for the best protection.

When you are in the sun, be extremely vigilant about your use of sunscreen and wear protective clothing, hats and sunglasses. Squinting due to the sun can leave permanent lines around your eyes. Remember, heat of any kind – whether it’s the sun, an open fire or a heating unit – can breakdown collagen and cause inflammation. Avoid heat exposure whenever possible.

8 – Out with the Old

If you’re working hard to elicit your best skin, do yourself a favor and get rid of the old skin that lingers on your face (and body) by exfoliating several times a week. This small extra step allows the younger, fresher, more resilient cells waiting underneath to have their time in the spotlight.

Also, exfoliating helps open your pores, helping all those delicious nutrients in your skincare routine to penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin to work their magic. On days when you are not exfoliating, use a warm washcloth to open your pores.

9 – Don’t Ignore Your Skin’s Clues

Like aches and pains inside our body, our skin can give us clues about bigger health issues. First and foremost, it’s essential to have a regular check-up with a dermatologist to ensure your skin is healthy. Your doctor will review moles and other concerning spots on your body to ensure nothing looks out of the ordinary and potentially dangerous.

Wrinkles on your skin may mean you have low collagen proteins, which is also what makes bones strong. This could be an indication of low bone density. And of course your skin may be a reflection of a poor diet, not enough exercise, or pure exhaustion. And speaking of sleep…

10 – Become Sleeping Beauty

Sleep is another super simple and ever-so-vital step to great skin. When you don’t get enough rejuvenating sleep, your entire body suffers, including your tired-looking face. Remember to change your pillowcase regularly to avoid the reintroduction of bacteria. Experts agree silk pillow cases are the sleekest and therefore least likely to contribute to wrinkles.

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