10 Things to Do on your Day Off

10 Things to Do on your Day OffHappy Labor Day! If you’ve woken bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and are wondering what on earth to do on your day off, you’ve come to the right place. We have 10 fabulous ideas of things to do on your day off that are productive, entertaining, delicious, heart-pounding, generous and adventurous all at the same time.

Check out these 10 things to do on your day off:

1 – Attempt a New Recipe: A day off is a great time to try a new recipe because if it fails, you have plenty of time for a backup plan. Make the effort to shop for fresh ingredients and actually follow the recipe. Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with a new favorite dish!

2 – Clean One Space:  No one wants to spend their entire precious day off cleaning but make a vow to work on one space that needs a good cleaning. Maybe that’s organizing your pantry, scrubbing down your makeup bin, or throwing out old junk from the attic. Every little bit counts.

3 – Have a TV series or Movie Marathon: Throw on your coziest leisure bra, sit back and enjoy binging on a favorite TV or movie series that you haven’t seen in awhile. Sex and the City, Star Wars, Disney or Bond, whatever floats your boat! Do be sure to have plenty of popcorn and ice cream on hand.

4 – Try an Obscure Fitness Class: Move outside your comfort zone and check out a fitness class that has been tempting you for awhile such as belly dancing, stiletto workout (yes, this does exist), or a trampoline jumping course. Even if you have to travel a bit further than your normal gym, exercising outside the box can be good for your body and brain. With our wirefree sports full figure bra you’ll get the support you need for low-to-moderate impact exercise.

5 – Help Someone Else: Carve out a few hours to help someone else. That may be helping a friend with a move, volunteering at a shelter, or cuddling with babies in the NICU. Participating in charitable activities for those you love or even complete strangers can make you feel whole, grounded and connected.

6 – Eat Slowly: Are you usually shoveling down your lunch to get back to the grind? On your day off, take time to savor your food. Eat deliberately and slowly, and enjoy every bite.

7 – Venture into a New Neighborhood: Take a drive or walk off the beaten path and check out some recommendations you’ve wanted to try. Stroll through an antique store or dine at a new restaurant to get the local flavor. Even areas just outside your normal “circle” can feel exotic on a day off.

Your busy life is probably very loud. Try to enjoy quietness and be mindful of the sounds you often miss in the hustle and bustle of your days. These small acts of meditation can keep you centered.

9 – Build Something: Nothing beats the victorious feeling of building something. And it’s not just good for your psyche; it’s also great for your mind. Put together that storage shed that’s been sitting in its box for months, buy a lego kit or simply look up how to make fun origami animals. You’ll feel so accomplished when you’re done and it will be a day-off well spent.

10 – Catch up on Sleep: We don’t recommend sleeping the day away but do go to bed early so you feel rested and ready for the remainder of your week. That will help make the relaxed feeling of your day off last a lot longer.

Sources: Hello Giggles, Daniel Branch and The Muse

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